Nanotechnology Developments in Asia (Technical Insights)

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This research service outlines the key developments in nanotechnology in Asia.

Table of Contents

Nanotechnology Developments in Asia (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryOverviewIntroductionKey FindingsMethodology and ScopeScopeMethodologyNanotechnology Developments in Asia (Technical Insights), Nanotechnology Development and Outlook in AsiaPrimer on Nanotechnology Applications and SectorsIntroductionNanomaterialsNanomedicineNanomanufacturingNanoelectronicsNanotechnology Funding in AsiaBarriers to Nanotechnology DevelopmentDrivers; Restraints and Challenges to Nanotechnology Adoption in AsiaDrivers Restraints ChallengesNanotechnology Developments in Asia (Technical Insights), The Innovation Frontier: Prominent Research in NanomedicineNanotechnology in BiosensorsAn Overview of Nanotechnology in BiosensorsResearchers Improve Carbon Nanotube Technology: JapanProminent Research in Nanomedicine in AsiaPromising BioSilicon Technology for Applications GaloreNanotech Enhances the Genetic Engineering ToolkitNanoparticles to Detect Blood Glucose LevelsDNA Computers May Become NanodoctorsScientists Invent Drug-Dispensing Contact LensNanotechnology Developments in Asia (Technical Insights), The Innovation Frontier: Prominent Research in NanoelectronicsProminent Research in Nanoelectronics in JapanNew Approach to Synthesizing C60 BuckyballsPentacene Nanotransistors with MWNT ElectrodesQuantized Conductance Atomic Switch--Nanoscale Panacea?Thin Film on Cover Glass for High-Density Optical StorageA Nanoscale Mechanical SwitchProminent Research in Nanoelectronics in the Rest of AsiaNanotech Boosts Superconductivity ProspectsMaking a Silicon-Molecular Hybrid Nanodot MemorySynthesize Silicon Nitride NanotubesNanotechnology Developments in Asia (Technical Insights), The Innovation Frontier: Prominent Research in NanomanufacturingProminent Research in Nanomanufacturing in JapanNew Patterning Technique Is a Boost for MicroarraysKinesins Technique Makes Unpumped Microfluidics PossibleNanotechnology Helps in Heat Transfer EnhancementNanofabrication of the ITCII MoleculeProminent Research in Nanomanufacturing in the Rest of AsiaResearching Nanostructured Catalysts for Process InnovationFabricate Nanocrystals on an Ultra-Large ScaleProduce Nano- and Atomic-Scale Devices Using Atomic Steps to Create Formations of Carbon NanotubesChinese Team Produces Quantum Dot LaserNanotechnology Developments in Asia (Technical Insights), The Innovation Frontier: Prominent Research in NanomaterialsProminent Research in Nanoparticles in Japan Nanotechnology for Solar Water SplittingEfficient Route to Impurity-Free SWNTsPlatinum Thin Films for Three-Dimensional StructuresNanoparticle Research in JapanProminent Research on Nanoparticles in the Rest of AsiaCarbon Nanotube Filters Outperform Membranes; CeramicsLow Temperature Nanostructured Thick Film Oxygen Gas SensorSilicon Nanowire Research in ChinaNanotechnology Developments in Asia (Technical Insights), Industry and Funding AnalysisIndustry AnalysisProminent Nanotech Industry Activity in Japan and South KoreaProminent Nanotech Industry Activity in the Rest of AsiaMajor Asian Nanotech Research CentersFunding AnalysisIntroductionVenture Capital in NanotechnologyNanotechnology Developments in Asia (Technical Insights), Patents and Research ContactsPatents for Asian DevelopersPatents in Nanomanufacturing and NanoparticlesPatents in Nanoelectronics and NanomedicineNanotech Research Contacts in AsiaResearch ContactsNanotechnology Developments in Asia (Technical Insights), Frost & Sullivan Science and Technology AwardsTechnology InnovationAward DescriptionAward RecipientExcellence in TechnologyAward DescriptionAward RecipientNanotechnology Developments in Asia (Technical Insights), Critical Reference TablesDatabasesManufacturing Output Per Capita (USD)Nominal GDP (Billion USD)Real GDP Growth (Percentage)Disposable Income per Capita (Million USD)

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