Nanotechnology Developments in Europe (Technical Insights)

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This research service covers nanotechnology developments across Europe in the fields of materials, electronics and life sciences.

Table of Contents

Nanotechnology Developments in Europe (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryOverviewIntroductionKey FindingsMethodology & ScopeScopeMethodologyNanotechnology Developments in Europe (Technical Insights), Nanotechnology Developments and Outlook in EuropePrimer on Nanotechnology Applications and SectorsIntroductionNanomaterialsNanomedicineNanobiotechnologyNanotoolsNanoelectronicsDrivers; Restraints and Challenges to Nanotechnology Adoption in EuropeAnalysis Of DriversAnalysis Of ChallengesNanotechnology Developments in Europe (Technical Insights), Industry and Funding AnalysisNanoscience and Nanotechnology in the EU FrameworkIntroductionThe 6th Framework ProgrammeIndustry AnalysisIndustry OverviewProminent ApplicationsFunding AnalysisIntroductionEU FundingNanotechnology Developments in Europe (Technical Insights), Nanotechnology Innovations in MaterialsNanotechnology Developments Within CompaniesAdvanced Fuel Additive Improves Engine Performance--UKNanomaterial-Based UV Absorber--UKSelf-Cleaning Glass--UKNovel Nanomaterials Manufacturing Technology--UKNovel Nanotube Manufacturing--BelgiumInnovative Material Deposition Techniques--FinlandInnovative Glass Structures using Nanotechnology--GermanyFunctional Coatings Based On Nanotechnology--GermanySpecial Polymer Materials--GermanyComponents For Novel Nanomaterial Applications--GermanyNanoscopic Organic Metals With Dispersion Technologies--GermanyInnovative Solutions With Small Particles--GermanyInnovative Nanophase Materials--ItalyNanotechnology Developments Within Universities and Research InstitutionsMagnetic Multi-Layers On Nanospheres--GermanyPen Polymer Proves To Be A Robust Polymer Over PMMA--SpainNondestructive Testing With The Help Of Carbon Nanotubes--GermanyUnknown Carbon Nanotube Junctions Through Geometric Patterns--HungaryThin Graphene Film Holds 2D Transistors--UKReversible Molecular Rotary Motor--UKBroad Range Of Nanoscience Research--UKNovel Nanostructured Photonics And Materials--AustriaMulti-Disciplinary Research Focus at the iNANO Center--DenmarkFunctional Surface Interaction Research--ItalyNanotechnology Developments in Europe (Technical Insights), Nanotechnology Innovations in Medicine and Life SciencesNanotechnology Developments Within CompaniesNon-Cadmium Based Quantum Dot Alternatives For Biotechnology Applications--UKFunctionalised Microparticle Delivery Systems--UKRapid Gene Sequencing Technology--UKNanomechanical Systems for Healthcare Applications--DenmarkNovel Drug Delivery Platforms For Anti-cancer Drugs--DenmarkImproved Drug Delivery Systems For Therapeutics--FranceNovel Drug Research For Cancer Therapy--FranceTesting of Anti-Infective Materials For Medical Applications--GermanyNovel Drug Encapsulation Technique--GermanyInnovative Nano-Cancer Therapy--GermanyNanobiotechnology For Membrane Protein Identification And Analysis--SwedenNanotechnology Developments Within Universities and Research InstitutionsOpen Microfluidic Systems For LOCs--GermanyInterdisciplinary Nanostructure Science and Technology Research--GermanyCombined Temporal And Spatial Control Over Nanostructures--NetherlandsChiral DNA Nanotubes As A Useful Nanofabrication Tool--UKBiosystems Research at INFM--ItalyNanotechnology Developments in Europe (Technical Insights), Nanotechnology Innovations in ElectronicsNanotechnology Developments Within CompaniesMEMS Devices For Material Characterization--DenmarkInnovative Nano-Optics--FinlandSpeciality Optical Fibers Using Novel Deposition Techniques--FinlandCutting-Edge Tools For Semiconductor Manufacturing--GermanyNanoelectronics Innovations--NetherlandsNovel Nanolithography Techniques--SwedenNanotechnology Developments Within Universities and Research InstitutionsNew Nanotech Research Center In Ireland--IrelandAn Automated Step And Repeat Nanoimprint System--AustriaInfineon Pioneers Smallest Nanotube Transistor--GermanyControlling Single Photon Emissions--GermanyThin Films Research--GermanyE-Beam Lithography to Produce Nano-LEDs--UKNew Plasmon Research to Boost OLEDs and Photovoltaics--UKThin Graphitic Carbon Films to Improve Nanoelectronics--UKNovel Nanodevices Research At IMEC--BelgiumMultidisciplinary Micro- and Nanotechnology Research--DenmarkNanotechnology Developments in Europe (Technical Insights), Patents and Database of Key Industry ParticipantsSelected PatentsSelected Patents--2005Selected Patents--2004Selected Patents--2003Database of Key Industry ParticipantsIndustry ParticipantsUniversity and Research ParticipantsNanotechnology Developments in Europe (Technical Insights), Frost & Sullivan 2005 Science and Technology AwardsExcellence in TechnologyAward DescriptionAward RecipientTechnology Leadership in Nanoparticle Deposition TechniqueAward DescriptionAward RecipientTechnology Innovation in Cancer TherapeuticsAward DescriptionAward RecipientNanotechnology Developments in Europe (Technical Insights), Critical Reference TablesDecision Support DatabasesPharmaceutical R&D ExpenditurePrivate Healthcare ExpenditureIncidence of Prostate CancerMortality Due to Prostate CancerBreast Cancer MortalityBreast Cancer IncidencePercentage of Population Connected to Waste Water Treatment Plants

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