Nanotechnology Industry Impact Research Service (Technical Insights)


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Reports on nanotechnology research and development in key sectors

Table of Contents

Nanotechnology Industry Impact Research Service (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryIntroduction to NanotechnologyOverviewA Brief Background Profile of Research Service ContentScopeMethodologyNanotechnology Industry Impact Research Service (Technical Insights), Nanotechnology Marketplace AnalysisMarket ProfileNanotech SectorsImpact Analysis--Small Things Make a Big DifferenceForecasts and Funding; Drivers and RestraintsNanotech Economic Projections by SectorGlobal Funding and InvestmentInvestment ClimateTabulated Drivers and RestraintsChallengesNanotechnology Industry Impact Research Service (Technical Insights), Electronics and Computing. Analysis of Technology Developments; Sector Trends; and Growth OpportunitiesNanotubes and Other Nano FormsOverviewWorld Coverage--Who's Developing WhatApplications and ChallengesA Cost-Effective Carbon NanotubeFracture-Retardant NanotubesA Polymer-SWNT Multilayer FilmTough SWNT Composites with Diamond CoatingNanoditches Using Carbon Nanotubes Electrolyte-Gated Carbon Nanotube TransistorsMWNTs from Carbon BlackLiquid Crystals for Control of Carbon Nanotube Assembly Research In Europe: Low-Temperature Synthesis of Carbon NanoparticlesResearch in Canada: Carbon Nanotubes with Prepatterned CatalystsResearch in Asia: Carbon Nanotubes as Flow SensorsOptoelectronics and Nano DevicesOverviewUltra-Efficient LEDsQuantum Dot LED with Electronics ApplicationsNanobridges and Nanonails with Optoelectronic ApplicationsNanoscale BatteriesNanotech-Enabled Single Molecule ElectroluminescenceNanoribbons for Optoelectronic DevicesCarbon Nanoelectrode ArraysNanometer-Scale Antennas Nanowires and NanolasersOverviewLayered Nanowire Structures Offer Semiconductor PromiseCompact NanolasersSilicon Nanowires for Nanophotonic DevicesResearch In Europe: Flexible Conducting Polymers; Nanowires; and NandotsData StorageOverviewWhere is Technology Going?Pixies and MillipedesProbe Microscopy for Data StorageNanoscale Sensors for Data StorageResearch in South America: Cobalt NanocrystalsGeneral Computing AdvancesOverviewStatusBiohazard Detection for SemiconductorsA New Nanocomputing InitiativeNanotechnology Industry Impact Research Service (Technical Insights), Chemicals and Materials. Analysis of Technology Developments; Sector Trends; and Growth OpportunitiesNanocomposites and NanoparticlesOverviewPropertiesWorld Coverage- Who's Developing What.Strategic AlliancesMultinationals Exploit Nanomaterials as Growth OpportunitiesResearch Trends and Growth OpportunitiesDiamondoidsMetal Nanocrystals Polyhedral Oligomeric SilsesquioxanesPLS NanocompositesNanocomposite-Based Fire ExtinguisherNano-Based Hybrid Solar CellsResearch in Canada: Hybrid NanocompositesResearch in Europe: Organic MetalsNanotechnology Industry Impact Research Service (Technical Insights), Defense and Security. Analysis of Technology Developments; Sector Trends; and Growth OpportunitiesDefense and Security Tools and ApplicationsOverviewStrategic AlliancesOpportunitiesResearch TrendsFirearm Identification TechnologyNano UniformsNano-Based Protective Chemical GloveTough Nanocoatings for Marine ApplicationsImmobilized Enzymes for Nanoporous MaterialsPlasma Process for NanoparticlesNano-Based Pathogen DetectionNano Abrasion-Resistant Coatings for Military UseNanotechnology Industry Impact Research Service (Technical Insights), Medicine and Biotechnology. Analysis of Technology Developments; Sector Trends; and Growth OpportunitiesMedicine and BiotechnologyOverviewWorld Coverage- Who's Developing What?Partnership with AcademiaResearch TrendsElectrospun Fiber BandagesBiomolecular ImagingGene TherapyMedical Nanoparticles and ProteomicsMedical NanosensorsNanoparticles as Early Cancer Detection AgentsShape-Memory AlloysPeptide Sequence by Dip-Pen NanolithographyBiopowered Nanodevice with Chemical On-Off Switch Fluorescent Carbon Nanotubes with Biomedical ApplicationsNanotechnology Industry Impact Research Service (Technical Insights), Fabrication and Instrumentation. Analysis of Technology Developments; Sector Trends; and Growth OpportunitiesFabrication and InstrumentationOverviewWorld Coverage- Who's Developing What?Strategic AlliancesResearch Trends and Growth OpportunitiesA Lateral Nanoscale Fabrication ConceptNanoscale FabricationNanopatterning Self-AssemblyDendritic Self-AssemblyNanoimprinting TechnologyNanoscale CrystallographySoft LithographyUltrathin Layer Mediated FabricationResearch in Europe: Nanochannels through MicromachiningResearch in Europe: Colloidal LithographyResearch in Europe: Scanning Near-Field Photolithography Research in Asia: 3D Nanolithography by Modified Soft MoldingNanotechnology Industry Impact Research Service (Technical Insights), Analysis of Other SectorsConsumer and Other AreasOverviewWorld Coverage-Who's Developing What?Research Trends and Growth OpportunitiesNanotech in Apparel: Intelligent FabricsNanotech in FoodNanotech in Solar EnergyResearch in Europe: Nanotech in FiltrationResearch in Europe and Australia: Nanotech in Sports GoodsResearch in Europe and Australia: Nanotech in Cosmetics and Skin CareNanotechnology Industry Impact Research Service (Technical Insights), Technology AwardsTechnology InnovationAward DescriptionAward WinnerTechnology LeadershipAward DescriptionAward WinnerNanotechnology Industry Impact Research Service (Technical Insights), Patents and DevelopersPatentsKey Patents: 2003Key Patents: 2002Key Patents: 2001Key DevelopersBrief Profiles and Contact Details for Developers: A to MBrief Profiles and Contact Details for Key Developers: N to Z




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