Nanotechnology Innovations in Medicine, Manufacturing, Packaging, and Energy

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This issue of Nanotech TOE covers nanotechnologly-related developments in medicine, manufacturing, packaging, and energy. Innovations profiled include artificial nanochannels for efficient ion transport between cells, a cost-efficient method for production of biomimetic nanoparticles, a polymeric material that can be used as a drug delivery system, and a material for harvesting energy from sunlight and raindrops. Nanosensors for monitoring food safety in packaging and for studying processes in living cells, and a single atom platinum catalyst for converting carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide are also profiled.The Nanotech TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) provides intelligence on technologies, products, proc

Table of Contents

Nanotechnology Innovations in Medicine, Manufacturing, Packaging, and EnergyAdvances in NanotechnologyArtificial Nanochannels for Efficient Ion Transport Between Cells Cost-efficient Method for Production of Biomimetic NanoparticlesPolymeric Material as a Drug Delivery System Non-woven Carbon Nanotubes with Potential Use Across IndustriesNanosensor for Monitoring Food Safety in Packaging Direct Labeling Chemistry for Genome MappingHigh Sensitivity Nanosensor for Monitoring Processes in Living Cells Material for Harvesting Energy from Sunlight and RaindropsSingle Atom Platinum Catalyst for Converting Carbon Monoxide into Carbon DioxidePolymeric Material for Protection Against SuperbugsKey ContactsKey ContactsKey Contacts (continued)

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