Natural and Synthetic Waxes: A Worldwide Techno-Economic Study (Technical Insights)

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A technological-, applications-, and markets-based assessment of natural and synthetic waxes.

Table of Contents

Natural and Synthetic Waxes, Introduction and Categorization of WaxesIntroductionIntroductionCategorization of WaxesCategorization of WaxesNatural and Synthetic Waxes, World Techno-Economic OverviewThe Chemicals TradeThe Chemicals TradeWax Prices and Forecasts of Wax ConsumptionWax Prices and Forecasts of Wax ConsumptionNatural and Synthetic Waxes, Characteristics and Properties of WaxesIntroductionIntroductionWax CharacteristicsWax CharacteristicsNatural and Synthetic Waxes, Animal and Insect WaxesBeeswaxHistory and Occurrence; Manufacturing Processes; and Physical CharacteristicsStatisticsSpermacetiHistory and Occurrence; Manufacturing Processes; and Physical CharacteristicsStatisticsWool Grease and LanolinHistory and Occurrence; Physical Characteristics; and Manufacturing Processes StatisticsNatural and Synthetic Waxes, Vegetable WaxesCarnaubaHistory and Occurrence; Manufacturing Processes; and Physical CharacteristicsStatisticsCandelilla WaxHistory and Occurrence; Manufacturing Processes; and Physical CharacteristicsChemical CharacteristicsStatisticsOuricouri WaxHistory and Occurrence; Manufacturing Processes; and Physical CharacteristicsStatisticsJojoba OilHistory and Occurrence; Manufacturing Processes; and Physical CharacteristicsStatisticsBayberryHistory and Occurrence; and Physical CharacteristicsStatisticsJapan WaxHistory and Occurrence; Manufacturing Processes; and Physical CharacteristicsStatisticsRice Bran OilOccurrence; Manufacturing Processes; and Physical CharacteristicsUses and StatisticsStatistics for Vegetable WaxesStatistics for Vegetable WaxesNatural and Synthetic Waxes, Mineral WaxesOzoceriteHistory and Occurrence; Manufacturing Processes; and Physical CharacteristicsStatisticsMontan WaxHistory and Occurrence; Manufacturing ProcessStatisticsParaffin WaxesManufacturing Processes; and Physical and Chemical CharacteristicsMicrocrystalline WaxManufacturing Processes and Physical PropertiesConsumptionStatisticsNatural and Synthetic Waxes, Synthetic WaxesSynthetic WaxesIntroductionPolyethylenesManufacturing Processes and Physical CharacteristicsWaxesManufacturing ProcessesSynthetic EstersManufacturing ProcessesSynthetic AmidesManufacturing ProcessesCarbowaxesIntroductionPhysical CharacteristicsUsesUsesStatisticsStatisticsNatural and Synthetic Waxes, ConsumptionCandlesCandlesElectrical ApplicationsElectrical ApplicationsWaxes in The Food IndustryWaxes in The Food IndustryMatches and PyrotechnicsMatches and PyrotechnicsRubber IndustryRubber IndustryWaxes in AdhesivesWaxes in AdhesivesWaxes in The Paper IndustryWaxes in the Paper IndustryCosmeticsCosmeticsEmollientsSolid PerfumesCosmetic CreamsCold CreamsCosmetic Cream BasesFacial-Care ProductsPharmaceutical and Dental PreparationsPharmaceutical and Dental PreparationsPolishesShoe PolishesFloor PolishesFurniture PolishesAutomobile PolishesStatistics

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