Next Generation Catalysts- Impact Assessment in Oil & Gas Sectors

Disruptive Innovations in Catalyst Technologies for Improved Refinery Profit Margin

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The market for next generation catalysts technologies for oil and gas sectors has gained momentum in recent years mainly due to the irregular refinery product demand, unpredictable change in feedstock types, and continuous upgradation of legislative standards. This research service discusses key advances in refinery catalysts with the impact a of the key innovations happening by corporate developers and aiding research institutions.
This research service titled, Next Generation Catalysts—Impact Assessment in Oil & Gas Sectors, focuses on the recent innovations and opportunities in the catalyst technologies worldwide. This research service summarizes various technology advances in different types of refinery catalysts, namely hydroprocessing, fluidised catalytic cracking (FCC), isomerization, reforming, and alkylation. The study also covers the emerging opportunities in catalyst development enabling refiners to cope with the recent challenges in processing different kinds of feedstock with lowest possible operating costs to have maximum products yields. The study also summarizes end-user demand to enable catalyst manufacturers and refiners to explore opportunities existing in the refinery market and fulfill market demand by developing and deploying innovative technologies.
The focus areas of the research include recent advances in refinery technologies, opportunity analysis of several emerging technologies, and an assessment of their market impact. This research service also offers a roadmap highlighting the adoption of technologies that enable improved profit margin.

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryResearch ScopeResearch Process and MethodologyKey FindingsTechnology SnapshotTechnology Snapshot—Types of Refinery CatalystsTechnology Snapshot—Types of Refinery Catalysts (continued)Technology Snapshot-—Overview of Refinery Catalytic ProcessesMarket PotentialTechnology Development and AdoptionMarket Impact of Technology/Business AcceleratorsMarket Impact of Technology/Business ChallengesTechnology Adoption—Regional AnalysisTechnology Development—Regional AnalysisInnovation EcosystemInnovation Ecosystem— An OverviewInnovation Ecosystem—Key InnovatorsMarket Impact of Key Innovations/Proprietary Technologies Market Impact of Key Innovations/Proprietary Technologies (continued) Research DevelopmentsRecent Industry InitiativesRecent Industry Initiatives (continued)Key Partnerships/AlliancesKey Funding Deals Demand Side AnalysisDemand Side Analysis—End Product NeedsDemand Side Analysis—End User Needs Demand Side Analysis—End User Needs (continued) Emerging Opportunities and R&D RoadmapEmerging Opportunities—Natural GasEmerging Opportunities—Processing Shale OilEmerging Opportunities—NanotechnologyStrategic R&D Pipeline (By Milestones)The Road Ahead Strategic InsightsKey Performance Indicators (KPIs) R&D Portfolio ManagementThe Final Word Key PatentsKey PatentsKey Patents (continued)Key Patents (continued) Key ContactsKey Contacts Legal Disclaimer The Journey to Visionary InnovationThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition: Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360 degrees Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy

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