North American Crop Protection Chemicals Market, Forecast to 2021

Industry Consolidation will Impact Market Dynamics

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  • Release Date : 05-Jul-2017
  • Region : North America
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This research service identifies the major industry drivers and restraints as well as the regulatory, product, market, and technology trends in the crop protection chemicals market. Growth in the crop protection chemicals market is expected to be predominantly driven by increased adoption rates for biopesticides owing to increased demand for organic food, lower developmental costs, less strict regulatory approval procedures, and a stringent regulatory environment, which increases the focus of agrochemical companies on biopesticides as they are a solution to overcome pest resistance to chemical pesticides.

Factors that stimulate the overall unit shipment and revenue growth of this market are increasing population and higher food demand, decreasing arable land, increasing herbicide resistance (which necessitates the use on different chemistries), increased demand for biofuels, and in addition, manufacturers contributing to the market with new product innovations, which claim to be safer for the environment with higher efficiency.

Technological innovations by manufacturers (such as nanopesticides that offer controlled pesticide release), exploration of epigenetics to develop promising new fungicide molecules, and the advent of digital farming tools with precise data from farms that can optimize the volume consumption of various crop protection chemicals are some market trends expected to aid in achieving superior quality products and improved application techniques. For instance, SIMPAS by AMVAC and Bayer CropScience is conducting R&D to develop software to aid precision in agriculture by optimizing application volumes of crop protection chemicals.

Key questions this study will answer:

• Is the market growing? How long will it continue to grow, and at what rate?
• What technology, product, and regulatory trends are se
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