North American Pumps Market - Customer Expectations and Challenges, 2016

Innovative Technology-led Growth Sustains Manufacturers in Rough Year, Customer Trends Indicate IoT in Pumps is the Next Big Thing in 2017

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This research service covers the challenges faced by participants in the pumps industry and their expectations for the year 2016–2017. The study is a compilation and interpretation of customers' views (from top end-user industries) and expectations from the North American pumps industry. It provides a regional analysis and covers the economic factors affecting the market. North American economic changes and their impact on the end-user industry trends and aftermarkets services are also detailed.

Table of Contents

North American Pumps Market - Customer Expectations and Challenges, 2016IntroductionIntroductionResearch Objectives—Key Questions this Study will AnswerMethodologyMethodology (continued)Executive SummaryTop 6 Predictions for 2016Advancements in After-services for Pumps MarketPumps Industry LandscapeCentrifugal Pumps Industry—SnapshotPD Pumps Industry—SnapshotGlobal Economic Outlook 2016Key Technology Trends—2015–20162016 Technology TrendsVoC Study Findings—General Economic OverviewVoice of Market Participants—Economic ExpectationsEconomic Expectations for 2015–2016Changing Economic Conditions—Strategies ImplementedChanging Economic Conditions—Strategies Implemented (continued)Changing Economic Conditions—Strategies Implemented (continued)CAPEX Expectations for 2016CAPEX Expectations for 2016Analysis of the Most Opportune Regions in 2016Analysis of the Most Opportune Regions in 2016 (continued)VoC Study Findings— North American Pumps IndustryFactors Governing the Pumps Industry in North AmericaDrivers and RestraintsDrivers Explained—Voice of the Market ParticipantsDrivers Explained—Voice of the Market Participants (continued)Drivers Explained—Voice of the Market Participants (continued)Restraints Explained—Voice of the Market ParticipantsRestraints Explained—Voice of the Market Participants (continued)Key Industry Verticals Driving Growth in North AmericaNorth American Pumps End-user Industry SnapshotVoC Study Findings—North American Pumps Technology Trends and HighlightsTechnology TrendsAdoption and Penetration of TechnologiesGreen Technology and its Growing Adoption among Major End-user Industry Participants in North AmericaThe role of Big Data and Industrial Analytics in Industrial Development in North AmericaDigital Manufacturing on the Verge of Being the Next Thing in North AmericaTop Technology Trends in the North American Pumps IndustryTop Technology Trends in the North American Pump Industry (continued)VoC Study Findings— Competitive Analysis of the North American Pumps MarketCauses for Unsatisfactory Purchase of Equipment from Pump SuppliersKey Pump Supplier Selection FactorsKey Pump Supplier Selection Factors (continued)Key Pump Supplier Selection Factors (continued)Significance and Role of Key Factors Driving Sales of Pump SuppliersCompetitive Analysis of Top Pump Suppliers in North AmericaCompetitive Strategies Adopted by Major Pump ParticipantsAftermarket Pumps Services Segment—Growth Analysis in Key End-user SegmentsAftermarket Services Market: Opportunity AnalysisAftermarket Services Segment and Technological Advancement—Voice of the Market ParticipantsNew Product/Technology Highlights of 2015New Product/Technology Highlights of 2015 (continued)New Product/Technology Highlights of 2015 (continued)Conclusions—Implications for the North American Pumps IndustryKey Conclusions: Implications for the North American Pumps IndustryKey Conclusions: Implications for the North American Pumps Industry (continued)Key ConclusionsLegal DisclaimerThe Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition: Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy

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