North American Triple Play Outlook

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The strategic analysis covers the North American ILEC and MSO competitive positioning and strategic plans regarding triple play. The “Triple Play” is defined as a bundled package in which voice, video and data services are offered to consumers. Based upon the findings from extensive primary and secondary research, this analysis provides both equipment providers and equipment vendors with a detailed look at the current and shifting dynamics in this rapidly evolving marketplace. The report also examines the triple play plans of US and Canadian ILECs and MSOs as well as how the bundling of voice, video and data services directly impacts the operators’ bottom line.

Table of Contents

North American Triple Play Outlook, Analysis of North American ILEC and MSO Triple Play StrategiesIntroductionDisclaimersOverviewTable of ContentsExecutive Summary Competitive LandscapeTelecom Services Competitor MatrixThe ILEC View of The WorldU.S. ILEC Access Line Loss SourcesMSO: The Main CompetitorMSO: Video StrengthA Third/Fourth Player: The Main Threat in the Long-TermWhat About IXCs / CLECs?The MSO View of The WorldMSO Strategy OverviewMSO Video Strategy: DefendMSO Data Strategy: DevelopMSO Voice Strategy: AttackThe Strategic Importance of the Triple PlayService Provider Corporate Strategy PositioningILEC / MSO Battlefield: Bundle Versus BundleTwo-Player Market Becoming a Multiple Player MarketBundling Rationale (ILECs)Bundling Rationale (MSOs)Service Provider Implementation Plans for the Triple PlayILEC FTTX Plans - SummaryILEC RFP Plans: Bell South Deploys Broadband InfrastructureILEC RFP Plans: Qwest Has no Current RFPsILEC RFP Plans: SBC Deploys Broadband InfrastructureILEC RFP Plans: Verizon Deploys Broadband InfrastructureCanadian ILECs: Bell CanadaCanadian ILECs: MTS / AllstreamCanadian ILECs: TelusU.S. MSO Strategy IP Telephony DeploymentsMSO Plans: CablevisionMSO Plans: ComcastMSO Plans: CoxMSO Plans: Time Warner CableCanadian MSO IP Telephony Deployment PlansCanadian MSO: Rogers CommunicationsCanadian MSO: Shaw CommunicationsCanadian MSO: Videotron (Quebecor)What About Vonage?How the Triple Play Impacts An Operator's Bottom LinePotential ARPU ImpactsILEC Potential Revenue Mix / Home: 2003 x 2010MSO Potential Revenue Mix / Home 2003 x 2010Evidence that the Bundle WorksA Closer Look at Cox's ExperienceBenefits to the CustomerImpact of Regulatory Constraints on Operators' Triple Play StrategiesUNE-P and Its Triple Play ImpactJune 2004 UNE Ruling ImpactsThe October Fiber Ruling and Its ImplicationsU.S. VoIP Regulation BackdropCanadian VoIP Regulation BackdropMarket & Technology IssuesTriple Play Impact of POTSIP Multi-Cast Usage for TV Programming: IssuesFTTN Pros and ConsFTTP Pros and ConsFTTX Associated Last Mile Technologies: Distance TradeoffUS RBOC Loop Length AnalysisExpected MSO CAPEX / CustomerA Look at Some Triple Play Offerings (North America)US ILEC Triple Play OfferingsCanadian ILEC Triple Play OfferingsUS MSO Triple Play OfferingsCanadian MSO Triple Play OfferingsConclusionsConcluding RemarksAwardsInfrastructure Vendor Market Leadership AwardCompetitive Strategy Leadership AwardProduct Innovation AwardAppendixAlternative Last Mile TechnologiesBroadband Wireless: WiFi / WiMaxPONs: Passive Optical NetworksVDSL: An Alternative to SatelliteBroadband Over Power Lines (BPL)What will the "killer apps" be?Glossary

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