Novel Drug Delivery Systems in the Spotlight-Drug Discovery Alert

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This edition of Drug Discovery Alert depicts life sciences trends across novel drug delivery systems (NDDS). The physiochemical properties of some powerful novel therapeutics such as poor solubility and poor permeation can at times leads to mistargeting at the active site. This concern generates a barrier for therapeutic efficacy. Various nanoformulation strategies and drug delivery systems have been designed for overcoming this barrier, and to providing uniform drug targeting at the active site in the desired concentration and with improved therapeutic efficacy. Such strategies constitute what has been coined as novel drug delivery systems (NDDS). NDDS comprises nanoparticles, emulsion-based formulations, lipo

Table of Contents

Novel Drug Delivery Systems in the Spotlight-Drug Discovery AlertTrend OverviewDrug Delivery SystemsTechnology ProfilesPioneering Digital Health and Smart Drug Delivery Systems Natural Monodisperse Phytoglycogen Nanomaterials for Advanced Drug DeliveryGlysantis, Inc.Facilitating the Transport of Drugs and Imaging Agents via Molecular Vectors Microneedle Pill with Hollow Needles New Liposomal Vesicles to Help Treat Coronary Artery DiseaseBiocompatible Targeted Cancer TherapyNanoparticle-Based Technology to Improve Drug BioavailabilityAppendixPatents Related to Novel Drug Delivery SystemsPatents Related to Novel Drug Delivery SystemsPatents Related to Novel Drug Delivery SystemsIndustry InteractionsIndustry Interactions

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