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The research service offers insights primarily on nine dimensions of Organic Light Emitting diode (OLED) technology. The key benefits and challenges faced in the implementation of OLED in display and lighting applications have been covered. The market potential and the year of impact of the technology in various applications have also been discussed. The various applications of OLED across industries and the size of the innovation ecosystem have been captured in the report. The report also discusses about the potential points of convergence of OLED technology with other technologies. Patent trends and funding activities with regard to research and development in the field of OLED are also captured in the repor

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryResearch OutlineNine Dimensional Assessment of OLED TechnologyResearch MethodologyResearch ScopeKey FindingsKey Findings (continued)Technology OverviewTechnology SnapshotTechnology CategorizationTechnology Categorization (continued)Applications LandscapeKey Benefits of OLED Technology in DisplaysKey Benefits of OLED in Lighting ApplicationsFactors Influencing AdoptionKey Technology Innovations Driving AdoptionKey Technology Innovations Driving Adoption (continued)Key Technology Innovations Driving Adoption (continued)Year of ImpactYear of ImpactYear of Impact (continued)Year of Impact (continued)Year of Impact (continued)Market PotentialMarket Potential and Trends Driving AdoptionMarket Trends Driving AdoptionGlobal FootprintGlobal Technology Development ScenarioIP ActivityPatent Landscape – Trends Driving Development Patent Landscape – Trends Driving Development (continued)Patent Landscape – Trends Driving Development (continued)FundingFunding ScenarioFunding TrendsFunding TrendsBreadth of IndustriesMarket Impact of Key ApplicationsImpact of MegatrendsImpact of Key MegatrendsPotential Points of ConvergenceTechnology Convergence ScenarioTechnology Convergence Scenario (continued)Size of Innovation EcosystemInnovation EcosystemConclusionStrategic Perspectives Key PatentsKey PatentsKey Patents (continued)Key Patents (continued)Legal DisclaimerThe Frost & Sullivan StoryWho is Frost & SullivanWhat Makes Us UniqueTEAM MethodologyOur Global Footprint 40+ Offices

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