Operator Strategies and Vertical Perspectives for 5G in Europe, Forecast to 2024

Different Strategies Used for the Upgrade, Implementation, and Regulation of 5G Technology

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Modern mobile networks need to be capable of supporting a wide range of bandwidth demanding services including multimedia, video conferencing, and online shopping. Operators often struggle to maintain constant connections for their subscribers, as evidenced by occasional connection losses in certain areas at peak times. Despite recent network upgrades to 4G technology, actual speeds attained by subscribers are still often much lower than maximum possible speeds; moreover, in the next decade, the number of mobile devices is set to increase exponentially.Operators are now looking to upgrade their networks using 5G technology that is capable of supporting existing services as well as new services such as enhanced

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
Key Findings
2. Introduction to 5G
Modern Mobile Network Requirements
5G—Meeting the Needs of the Modern World
3. Mobile Technology Evolution
2G and 3G—Precursors to Ubiquitous Mobile Broadband
4G—The Technology for Today’s Mobile Broadband
5G and its Use in IoT and eMBB
Fixed Wireless Access and 5G
4. Why 5G?
Key Advantages
Key Mobile Broadband Standards Summarised
Carrier Aggregation and its Role in LTE-A Technology
Existing Networks and Growth in Mobile Devices
Importance of Reduced Latency
Environmental Impact of 5G
5G and IoT—Impact and Growth
5G and IoT—Advantages and Limitations
5. 5G Enabling and Facilitating Technologies
Availability and Location of mmWaves
mmWaves—Advantages and Limitations
Massive MIMO—Definitions and Trials
Massive MIMO—Advantages and Limitations
3D Beamforming—Definition
3D Beamforming—Advantages and Limitations
Small Cells—Definition and Classification
Small Cells—Advantages and Limitations
Time Division Duplex—Definition
Time Division Duplex—Advantages and Limitations
6. Business Case for 5G
Revenue Projection for 5G
Network Slicing and 5G Revenue Streams
Three Main Sources of 5G Revenue
Massive MTC and Key Vertical Markets
Critical MTC and Key Mission Critical Services
eMBB Benefits
Vertical Markets 1—Industry/Manufacturing (IIoT)
Vertical Markets 2—Street Lighting in Smart Cities
Vertical Markets 3—Public and Private Transportation
7. Recent 5G Projects
Vodafone Italy and UK
Vodafone UK and Ireland
Telefonica Germany and UK
Telefonica Espana
Deutsche Telecom
British Telecom (BT)
EverythingEverywhere (EE)
Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM)
Orange France and Romania
Telenor Norway and Sweden
Elisa Finland
MTS Russia
8. 5G Regulatory Test Beds
European Commission and 5G Expansion
UK and its Plans for Selling Available Spectrum
UK Bidding Auction and Legal Delays
UK Spectrum Auctions Summarised
Italian Regulator and its Plans for a Tri-band Auction
Italian Spectrum Auctions Summarised
Spanish National 5G Plans
Spanish Spectrum Auctions Summarised
German Regulatory 5G Plans and Objections
German Spectrum Auctions Summarised
Timeline for 5G Implementation
9. Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
Growth Opportunity 1—5G Networks
Growth Opportunity 2—Emerging Markets
Growth Opportunity 3—Vertical-specific Solutions
Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
10. The Last Word
Legal Disclaimer
11. Appendix
List of Exhibits
List of Acronyms
12. The Frost & Sullivan Story


List of Figures & Charts

1. 5G: Category Devices, Global, 2018
2. 5G: Latency of Different Behaviours/Applications, Global, 2018
3. 5G: Advantages and Limitations with IoT, Europe, 2018
4. 5G: mmWaves Advantages and Limitations, Europe, 2018
5. 5G: Trials with Massive MIMO, Europe, 2017
6. 5G: Massive MIMO Advantages and Limitations, Europe, 2018
7. 5G: 3D Beamforming Advantages and Limitations, Europe, 2018
8. 5G: Small Cells Classification, Global, 2018
9. 5G: Small Cell Advantages and Limitations, Europe, 2018
10. 5G: Time Division Duplex Advantages and Limitations, Europe, 2018
11. 5G: Revenue Sources, Europe, 2018
12. 5G: eMBB and Revenue, Europe, 2018
13. 5G: Industry/Manufacturing, Europe, 2018
14. 5G: Public and Private Transportation, Europe, 2018
15. 5G: Regulatory Auction Details, UK, 2018
16. 5G: Regulatory Auction Details, Italy, 2018
17. 5G: Regulatory Auction Details, Spain, 2018
18. 5G: Regulatory Auction Details, Germany, 2018
19. 5G: Timeline for Implementation, Europe, 2018

20. 5G: Modern Mobile Networks, Europe, 2018
1. 5G: 5G and the Modern World, Europe, 2018
2. 5G: 2G and 3G, Europe, 2018
3. 5G: 4G for Mobile Broadband, Europe, 2018
4. 5G: 5G for IoT and eMBB, Europe, 2018
5. 5G: Schematic showing Fixed Wireless Access, Global, 2018
6. 5G: FWA Demo, UK, 2018
7. 5G: Key Advantages for Consumers and Operators, Europe, 2018
8. 5G: Mobile Broadband Standards and Maximum/Actual Speeds, Global, 2011–2020
9. 5G: Growth in the Number of Mobile Devices, Global, 1985–2025
10. 5G: Reduced Environmental Impact, Europe, 2018
11. 5G: Alternative Solution to Increased Power Consumption, Europe, 2018
12. 5G: Industry Impact and Growth, Europe, 2018
13. 5G: Use Case–Remote Controlled Car, UK, 2018
14. 5G: Schematic of mmWaves Location, Global, 2018
15. 5G: 3D Beamforming, Europe, 2018
16. 5G: Time Division Duplex, Europe, 2018
17. 5G: Potential Revenue Opportunities Split for Telecoms Operators, Global, 2026
18. 5G: Network Slicing and 5G, Europe, 2018
19. 5G: Massive MTC Applications, Europe, 2018
20. 5G: Critical MTC Applications, Europe, 2018
21. 5G: PIMM Mining Project, Scandinavia, 2018
22. 5G: Driverless Bus, France, 2018
23. 5G: Regulatory Test Beds, Europe, 2018
24. 5G: Regulatory Test Bed, UK, 2018
25. 5G: Regulatory Legal Proceedings, UK, 2018
26. 5G: Regulatory Test Bed, Italy, 2018
27. 5G: Regulatory Test Bed, Spain, 2018
28. 5G: Regulatory Test Bed, Germany, 2018




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