Optical MEMS (Technical Insights)

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This report presents an overview and analysis of the worldwide markets and applications, products, technologies, and the latest patents pertaining to optical MEMS, or MOEMS.

Table of Contents

Optical MEMS (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryThe Evolution of MOEMSMEMS/MOEMSMOEMS: Markets and ApplicationsReport ContentScope; Unique Features; MethodologyOptical MEMS (Technical Insights), Introduction to Optical MEMSThe Evolution of MEMS/MOEMS TechnologiesTechnological ConvergenceThe Electron and the PhotonLight PropagationChallenges To FabricationMOEMS ApplicationsTelecommunicationsOptical SwitchesAttenuators; Equalizers; Multiplexers; Cross-Connects; and Data TransmittersSensorsMicrofluidicsOptical StorageDisplay TechnologyAdaptive OpticsMilitary ApplicationsMarketsOverviewDisplaysSwitches; Adaptive Optics; and MEMS SoftwarePhotonics IndustryMarket DynamicsTrendsObstacles To CommercializationPatent AnalysisR&D ExpendituresOptical MEMS (Technical Insights), Optical MEMS: Tele- and Data- CommunicationsPhotonic Networks and SwitchingThe Optical Switching ProblemEvolving Optical NetworksAll-Optical SwitchesOptical MEMS SystemsBasic MEMS TechnologyMOEMS SwitchingSilicon Fabrication MethodsIssues with Total Optical SwitchingChallenges More Capacity Requires Greater Efficiency but Offers Greater RewardsWhy Photons and Not Electrons?New Paradigms In Optical MEMS TechnologyRecent AdvancesIntel's Plan--Optoelectronics and Wireless Everywhere Optical Switching--MOEMS Knocking Electrons Out of Optical SwitchingMEMS Device Aligns Fiber Optics Inside Package Optical MEMS (Technical Insights), Survey of Optical MEMS ApplicationsMicro Optical Sensors; Actuators; and Related TechnologiesOptical Sensor TechnologiesIndustiral Applications Of Optical MemsMEMS Technology Enables Sensitive Low-Cost Gas Sensor ChipAutomotive Alert Systems Help Avoid Rear-End CrashesMedical and Biomedical Applications of Optical MEMSNew Horizons for Medicine Robotic Surgery LasersDrug DeliveryNanobiotechnologyTissue Engineering Novel Prosthetic LensSynthesis of Maskless Arrays University Research on MEMS for MedicineMilitary and Aerospace Applications Of Optical MEMSPicosatellites LiftoffBattlefield-Vision Applications Weapons Command and ControlIndustry StandardsUS StandardsOther StandardsOptical MEMS (Technical Insights), Other Optical Devices Using Optical MEMSThe Grating Light ValveDiffractive Optical MEMS Use Grating Light Valve TechniqueIntroduction to the GLV TechnologySilicon Light MachinesDynamic Gain EqualizersNew Markets and ApplicationsGLV in the MarketplaceNew Generation Space TelescopeInexpensive MEMS Laser Scanner Optical MEMS (Technical Insights), Optical MEMS Design and FabricationMEMS in Optical Networks: Issues and DevelopmentsIntegrated MOEMSFree-Space MOEMSSandia’s Summit-IV FoundryPolishing and Stiction ProblemsOptical Bench Technology for MOEMSPackaging MOEMS MEMS Collaboration Accelerates Time To MarketEconomies of Scale of Optical CircuitsQuality and Reliability of MEMSReliability Testing of MEMSOptical MEMS (Technical Insights), Materials and Manufacturing TechnologyWhen Microsurfaces TouchAdhesion IssuesSurface WearIntegration of Optical Materials and SiliconSmart Optoelectronics ComponentsOptical MEMS (Technical Insights), Market AnalysisMEMS; MOEMS; or MST: What’s in a NameConfusing NomenclatureGeneral MOEMS Market ProjectionsNanotechnology; MOEMS; or SemiconductorsTrends/Analysis: Photonics Light Up MEMS MarketGearing Up for a Killer ApplicationMOEMS--The Fastest-Growing MEMS SegmentApplications of MOEMSMarket Projections for Optical MEMSA Survey of MOEMS Market ProjectionsOther MEMS DevicesIR Gas SensorsMOEMS IR SensorsThe European MarketOptical MEMS (Technical Insights), Current Research InnovationsPhotonic Computing and Optical SystemsPhotonic Computing: Moving Photons; Not ElectronsTunable Filters Use MEMS Technology Optically Pump Up MEMS OscillatorOptical Switch Fills Missing Link in NetworkMOEMS Seesaw Switches LightMicromirrors and Light-Driven MicromachinesMicromirrors Robust Enough for EndoscopesNew Techniques for Light-Driven MicromachinesOptical MEMS (Technical Insights), Survey of CompaniesCompanies: A to LContact Details and Brief Descriptions of Selected CompaniesCompanies: M to ZContact Details and Brief Descriptions of Selected CompaniesOptical MEMS (Technical Insights), List of AppendicesAppendix One Recent PatentsAppendix TwoResearch Contacts

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