OSSCS Opportunity Analysis Component II: Service Provider Functional Domain Analysis

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Table of Contents

OSSCS Opportunity Analysis Component II: Service Provider Functional Domain AnalysisExecutive SummaryPurpose of this ReportKey Findings of This ReportThe Last Word Regarding OSS & Competitive OperatorsMethodologyMethodologyCompetitive Operators’ Functional Domain AnalysisBreakdown of Service Provider OSS Functional Domain AnalysisAssumptionsOSS Functional Domain DefinitionAllegiance TelecomCompany SnapshotAllegiance - OSS SuppliersAllegiance - OSS Functional Domain AnalysisBroadwing CommunicationsCompany SnapshotBroadwing Communications - OSS SuppliersBroadwing Communications - OSS Functional Domain Analysise.spire Communications Inc.Company Snapshote.spire Communications - OSS Supplierse.spire - OSS Functional Domain AnalysisElectric Lightwave Inc. (ELI)Company SnapshotElectric Lightwave - OSS SuppliersElectric Lightwave - OSS Functional Domain AnalysisGST Telecommunications Inc. (GST)Company SnapshotGST Telecommunications - OSS SuppliersGST Telecommunications - OSS Functional Domain AnalysisICG Communications Inc. (ICG)Company SnapshotICG Communications - OSS SuppliersICG Communications - OSS Functional Domain AnalysisIntermedia Communications Inc. (Intermedia)Company SnapshotIntermedia Communications - OSS SuppliersIntermedia Communications - OSS Functional Domain AnalysisLevel 3Company SnapshotLevel 3 - OSS SuppliersLevel 3 - OSS Functional Domain AnalysisMcLeodUSACompany SnapshotMcLeodUSA - OSS SuppliersMcLeodUSA - OSS Functional Domain AnalysisMetromedia Fiber Network (MFN)Company SnapshotMFN - OSS SuppliersMFN - OSS Functional Domain AnalysisNextlink Communications Inc.Company SnapshotNextlink Communications - OSS SuppliersNextlink Communications– Functional Domain AnalysisQwest Company SnapshotQwest - OSS SuppliersQwest - OSS Functional Domain AnalysisTeligent Inc.Company SnapshotTeligent - OSS SuppliersTeligent - OSS Functional Domain AnalysisWilliams CommunicationsCompany SnapshotWilliams Communications - OSS SuppliersWilliams Communications - OSS Functional Domain AnalysisWinstar CommunicationsCompany SnapshotWinstar Communications - OSS SuppliersWinstar Communications - OSS Functional Domain AnalysisOSS Opportunity Analysis Research TeamOSS Opportunity Analysis Research Team

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