Photovoltaics- Global Technology Developments (Technical Insights)


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This research service covers the noteworthy emerging technologies and applications on Silicon Photovoltaic Cell Technologies, Thin Film Photovoltaic Technologies such as copper-Indium-Gallium-Selenide (CIGS) Thin Films, Chalcogenide Indium Selenide (CIS) Thin Films, Cadmium Telluride (Cd-Te) Thin Films, Polymeric Thin Films, Gallium-Arsenide (GaAs) Thin Films, Silicon Thin Films and Quantum Dot and Nanomaterial Based Photovoltaic Technologies. The study also assesses the impact of photovoltaic technologies on the competing and present conventional technologies with technology Adoption Factor Analysis.

Table of Contents

Photovoltaics- Global Technology Developments (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryResearch Overview and MethodologyResearch OverviewMethodologyKey Research FindingsNoteworthy Emerging TechnologiesNoteworthy ApplicationsPhotovoltaics- Global Technology Developments (Technical Insights), Technology and Applications ViewpointTechnology PrimerOverview of PhotovoltaicsApplications of PhotovoltaicsSilicon Photovoltaic Cell TechnologiesSilicon Photovoltaic Cells--An OverviewImpact of Silicon PhotovoltaicsThin Film Photovoltaic TechnologiesOverview of Thin Film Photovoltaic TechnologiesCopper -Indium-Selenide (CIS) and Copper-Indium-Gallium-Selenide (CIGS) Thin FilmsCadmium Telluride (Cd-Te) Thin FilmsQuantum Dot and Nanomaterial-Based Photovoltaic TechnologiesNanomaterial-Based Solar Cells--An OverviewKey Players and Their TechnologiesPhotovoltaics- Global Technology Developments (Technical Insights), Technology Adoption Factor AnalysisGeneral Factors Affecting Photovoltaic Technology DevelopmentGeneral Technology DriversGeneral Technology ChallengesTechnology Specific Factors Influencing Technology DevelopmentTechnology Specific DriversTechnology Specific ChallengesAssessment of Competing Technologies and Influential Market Factors Competing TechnologiesFunding ScenarioPhotovoltaics- Global Technology Developments (Technical Insights), Assessment of Research and InnovationsAssessment of Research at Universities and Public InstitutionsAluminum Doped Zinc Oxide Gratings to Improve Efficiencies in Solar Cells--GermanyNovel Polymers Synthesized for High-Efficiency Solar Cells--ChinaSynthesizing Composite Films for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells--IndiaEnhancing Performance of Hybrid Solar Cells--SpainElectroplating Zinc Oxide Films for Solar Applications-- MoroccoOptimizing Anti-Reflection Coatings for Solar Cells--JapanPerforming Interface Engineering in Chalcopyrite-Based Solar Cells--GermanyUsing In-Ga-As-Sb and Ga-Sb Cells for TPV Cells--CanadaPolymer-Based Solar Cells with a New Electron-Donor-Acceptor Material--GreeceSynthesizing Titanium Dioxide Films for Photochemical Cells--GermanyNovel Plastic Material that Harnesses Solar Energy on a Cloudy Day--CanadaMetal Catalyst Particles for Dye Sensitized Solar CellsAssessment of Research in CorporatesMiasolé's Novel CIGS Manufacturing Technology--USAConcentrix Solar's Fresnel Lens-Based Flatcon Technology--GermanyInnovative CIGS Thin Film Manufacturing Process--USAResearch on Plastic-Based Solar Cells at Konarka--USANovel Solar Power Concentrator--USALow-Cost High-Efficiency Back Contact Solar Cells--USANovel CIGS Cells from Global Solar Energy Inc.--USANovel Silicon Ink-Based Solar Cells--USAPhotovoltaics- Global Technology Developments (Technical Insights), Patents and Database of Key Industry ParticipantsPatentsPatents in North America-IPatents in North America--IIDatabase of Key Industry ParticipantsCorporatesUniversities and Public InstitutionsPhotovoltaics- Global Technology Developments (Technical Insights), Frost & Sullivan 2006 Science and Technology AwardsTechnology Innovation AwardAward DescriptionAward RecipientExcellence in Technology AwardAward DescriptionAward RecipientTechnology Innovation AwardAward DescriptionAward RecipientPhotovoltaics- Global Technology Developments (Technical Insights), Decision Support DatabaseDatabase TablesTotal Electricity Generation (1999-2006)Total Electricity Generation from Thermal Sources (1999-2006)Installed Capacity from Hydel Sources (1999-2006)Total Installed Capacity-Nuclear Sources (1999-2006)Total Installed Capacity--Thermal Sources (1999-2006)

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