Piezoelectric Materials and Devices: Spurring Smart Material Markets and Applications (Technical Insights)

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Table of Contents

Piezoelectric Materials and Devices, Executive SummaryExecutive SummaryExecutive SummaryScope and MethodologyScope and MethodologyPiezoelectric Materials and Devices, Piezoelectric TechnologyDiscovering the Piezo EffectDiscovering the Piezo EffectPiezoelectric PrinciplesPiezoelectric PrinciplesPiezoelectric Materials and Novel ProcessesPiezoelectric Materials and Novel ProcessesLead-Zirconate-TitanateBarium TitanatePolyvinylidene FluorideStrontium Titanate Sol-Gel Piezoelectrics PZT Ceramics Combined with Metal Metallized Mylar and PZT Piezoelectric Composites Piezoceramic Tubes High-Tech Fibers Piezoceramic Microrods Low-Cost; Single-Crystal Piezofibers Single-Crystal PiezoceramicsManufacturing PiezoceramicsManufacturing PiezoceramicsPiezoelectric Materials and Devices, Markets: Size; Growth and Forecasts Global Markets for Piezoelectric MaterialsGlobal Markets for Piezoelectric MaterialsPiezoelectric Ceramics and Polymers Piezoelectric Ceramics and Polymers Growth MarketsGrowth MarketsAutomotive SensorsMicromachined DevicesPiezoceramic Market: Size and Expected GrowthPiezoceramic Market: Size and Expected GrowthEmerging and Growth ApplicationsPiezoelectric PrintingSports Equipment: From Smart Skis to SnowboardsDNA MicroarraysSmart HighwaysSelect ApplicationsSelect ApplicationsNanoactuators and SensorsMilitary UsesPZT Motors and EnginesPiezoceramicsNovel Single CrystalsGeneral Uses Piezoelectric Materials and Devices, Novel Developments in Piezoelectric MaterialsNovel Developments in Piezoelectric MaterialsNovel Developments in Piezoelectric MaterialsTough and Flexible Composites Head to the MarketTough and Flexible Composites Head to the MarketThermally Stable FluoropolymersThermally Stable FluoropolymersFiner-Grain CeramicsFiner-Grain CeramicsLead-Free Piezoelectrics Exceed PZTLead-Free Piezoelectrics Exceed PZTSensitive PiezoelectricsSensitive PiezoelectricsUnderstanding the Limits of PiezoceramicsUnderstanding the Limits of PiezoceramicsNovel Piezoceramic TubesNovel Piezoceramic TubesNear-Net-Shape CeramicsNear-Net-Shape CeramicsHigh-Tech Ceramic FibersHigh-Tech Ceramic FibersCeramic MicrorodsCeramic MicrorodsPiezoelectric Materials and Devices, Novel Developments in Piezoelectric Surface and Coatings TechnologiesNovel Developments in Piezoelectric Surface and Coatings TechnologiesNovel Developments in Piezoelectric Surface and Coatings TechnologiesComposite Film - Flexible and ToughComposite Film - Flexible and ToughSingle-Crystal Piezofibers at Low CostSingle-Crystal Piezofibers at Low CostSkinny Ceramic Films - Greater EfficiencySkinny Ceramic Films - Greater EfficiencyGrowing Langasite FilmGrowing Langasite FilmPolymer Film - Solvent-Free DepositionPolymer Film - Solvent-Free DepositionMounting a Piezoelectric to SapphireMounting a Piezoelectric to SapphireSol-Gel Film Dries InstantlySol-Gel Film Dries InstantlyPiezoelectric Materials and Devices, Novel Developments in Piezoelectric MicroelectronicsNovel Developments in Piezoelectric MicroelectronicsNovel Developments in Piezoelectric MicroelectronicsMaking Piezos More EfficientMaking Piezos More EfficientMore Power to PiezosMore Power to PiezosPiezoelectric TransformerPiezoelectric TransformerStrong Piezo PropertiesStrong Piezo PropertiesSatellite PhonesSatellite PhonesMobile PhonesMobile PhonesPiezoelectric Materials and Devices, Novel Developments in Piezo-Based NanotechnologyBy Shrinking Piezos You Can Dull PropertiesBy Shrinking Piezos You Can Dull PropertiesPiezoelectric MEMSPiezoelectric MEMSMesoscale PiezoMesoscale PiezoLabs-on-a-ChipLabs-on-a-ChipSurface Acoustic WavesSurface Acoustic WavesNanoscale MotorNanoscale MotorPiezoelectric PolarizationPiezoelectric PolarizationPiezoceramic ActuatorsPiezoceramic ActuatorsMultilayer PiezosMultilayer PiezosOptical MicroscopesOptical MicroscopesData StorageData StorageMiniaturized ElectronicsMiniaturized ElectronicsScanning Tunneling Microscopes (STM)Scanning Tunneling Microscopes (STM)Piezoelectric ManipulatorPiezoelectric ManipulatorPiezoelectric InteractionPiezoelectric InteractionControlling Substrate BendingControlling Substrate BendingMicrofluidicsMicrofluidicsPiezoelectric Materials and Devices, Novel Developments in Piezo SensorsNovel Developments in Piezo SensorsNovel Developments in Piezo SensorsLead-Free PiezosLead-Free PiezosLow-Cost AccelerometersLow-Cost AccelerometersPressure Sensor Spark PlugPressure Sensor Spark PlugPiezoceramic SensorsPiezoceramic SensorsMeasuring RainfallMeasuring RainfallAcoustic Wave SensorsAcoustic Wave SensorsMeasuring Ozone Measuring Ozone Self-Calibrating Wireless AccelerometersSelf-Calibrating Wireless AccelerometersDetecting Metal in SoilDetecting Metal in SoilSound Wave SensingSound Wave SensingMeasuring Optical PathwaysMeasuring Optical PathwaysAdaptive Optical InterferometersAdaptive Optical InterferometersPiezoelectric Materials and Devices, PatentsPatentsPatentsPatents cont.Piezoelectric Materials and Devices, Contacts and Resources Contacts and ResourcesContacts and ResourcesNanotechnology and MEMSNanotechnology and MEMSMicroelectronicsMicroelectronicsMaterialsMaterialsCoatingsCoatings




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