Plastics Materials--Cutting Edge Technologies and Trends - (Technical Insights)

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The Plastics Materials Research Service scope encompasses emerging technology and trends in the following major areas such as Polyolefins, Polyesters and Vinyls.

Table of Contents

Plastics Materials--Cutting Edge Technologies and Trends - (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryOverviewOverviewGlobal Technology Highlights (N. America; Europe; Asia)Scope and MethodologyScopeMethodologyPlastics Materials--Cutting Edge Technologies and Trends - (Technical Insights), Major Plastics Materials Review (North America; Europe; Asia)PolyolefinsMultifaceted Polypropylenes (PP)Highly Elastic Ethylene Vinyl Acetate CopolymersSpecialty Metallocene-Based Polypropylene (PP) CopolymersTransparent and Flexible Polypropylene (PP) Film GradePolyestersCrystal-Clear Chemically Bound UV Absorber PETFlavor/Color Retaining Heat-Set PETHigh Humidity-Resistant PGA (Polyglycolic Acid)Novel Barrier-Enhanced Beer Bottle PETStyrenicsBASF's High Transparency; Weatherable Low Gloss; and Extrusion Printable StyrenicsChevron Phillips' Enhanced Extrusion And Molding Grade Styrenic Block CopolymersVinyls; PolyurethanesSuper Flexible; Enhanced Heat Stabilized and Plasticizer-Free Vinyl CompoundsPolyurethanes--Non-Glass; VOC-Free Polyurethane Spray-Up TechnologyCompositesOne-Step Cure; High Filler Wet Out DCPD (Dicyclopentadiene)Self-Reinforced All-Polypropylene Coextruded TapesPolylactides (PLAs); Electronic PolymersRenewable Polylactide Injection Molding Grade and Application DevelopmentElectronic PolymersPlastics Materials--Cutting Edge Technologies and Trends - (Technical Insights), Engineering Plastics Materials Assessment (North America; Europe; Asia)Polycarbonate (PC)Lexan SLX Paintless PCHigher Performance Makrolon DP1-1848 CopolycarbonatePlasma-Coated Polycarbonate Auto GlazingEdge Glow CD/DVD Fluoresent PCFlat Panel TV Non-Halogenated FR PC/ABSChemically Resistant Tailored PCNylon (Polyamide; PA)Plated Metal Replacing Zytel HTNUnalloyed Paintable Technyl A 238P M25Industry First Thermoformable NylonUltra-High-Flow Nylon 6Polyester (Polybutylene Terephthalate; PBT; Polyethylene Terephthalate; PET)Polyester (Polybutylene Terephthalate; Polyethylene Terephthalate)High Flow PBT/PET Valox EH 7020HFShine-E Rynite PET Class A Finish GradeOutdoor Weatherable Ultradur S4090 PBT/PET/ASA Tri-AlloyPolyphenylene Oxide (PPO; Polyphenylene Ether; PPE)Large Part Formable Noryl PPX (PP/PPO) AlloyEnhanced Chemical Resistant Noryl CRX (PPO/Styrene Butadiene) GradeCost Performance; Chemically Resistant Xyron PPE/PPS AlloyAcetal (POM)Delrin Acetal Decorating SolutionsWorld's First Thermoforamble AcetalThermoset Engineering PlasticsNoryl ETX Thermoset PPODMC X-Cel Phenolic Bulk Molding CompoundPlastics Materials--Cutting Edge Technologies and Trends - (Technical Insights), Thermoplastic Elastomers Materials Assessment (North America; Europe)Thermoplastic Vulcanizates (TPVS)IntroductionCost Performanced; Shrinkage Controlled TPV AlloyNovel Crosslinked Silicone Vulcanizates (TPSiV)New Hygroscopic; Fully Vulcanized; Polyolefin TPVHarsh; Environment-Resistant Polyacrylate VulcanizateHighly Vulcanized Soft TPVM-EPDM TPV TougheningStyrene Block Copolymers (SBCS)Tailorable; PVC Alternative SEBS ElastomerAutomotive; PVC Replacement SEBS TPESuper Soft; Water-Clear Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)Rubber-Like SEBS and SEPS TPE CompoundsMedical Grade TPE Styrenic Olefin AlloysThermoplastic Olefins (TPOS)Enhanced Post-Metallocene Catalyzed Olefinic TPEsMetallocene-Catalyzed Ethylene Propylene TPEsReaction Compounded Soft TPOsEngineered Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO)Advanced Automotive Interior Thermoplastic Olefins (TPOs)Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPUs)Easy-To-Extrude; Higher Durometer TPU ElastomerSoft Touch; High Performance; Rubberized TPU GradeHalogen-Free; Flame Retardant (FR) TPUFast Cycling; Thin-Wall Part TPUHigh Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) Film TPU GradeLow Temperature Impact TPUAesthetically Pleasing Clear TPUsPlastics Materials--Cutting Edge Technologies and Trends - (Technical Insights), High Performance Plastics Materials Assessment (North America; Europe; Asia)Specialty CrystallinesElastomer Modified PPS Xtel XK AlloysHigh Surface Quality; Reduced Warpage Polyphthalamides (PPAs)Micromolding Medical Grade Polyamide-ImideLead-Free; Solder-Resistant Thermx PCT PolyesterPolysulfonesSelf-Cleaning Polysulfone ApplicationHarsh-Environment-Resistant Polyphenyl SulfoneGharda Chemicals Growing Sulfone FamilyLiquid Crystalline PolymersLiquid Crystalline PolymersVectra E130: LCP Electrical GradesNew Generation High-Strength LCPsMedical Grade Vectra MT LCPPolyetherimidesExtreme Heat Ultem XHTFirst-Generation PEI Electronic FilmsPolyetherether-KetonesVictrex PEEK HTGharda Chemical's Patented PEEKSpecialty Amorphous; FluoropolymerParmax Self-Reinforced PolymersExtreme Chemical Clarity Xylex XCCCyclic Olefin Copolymers (COC)Fluoropolymer--Dyneon THV X 815 G FluoroelastomerPlastics Materials--Cutting Edge Technologies and Trends - (Technical Insights), Compounded Plastics Materials Survey (North America; Europe)Specialty CompoundsAnti-Counterfeiting Micro-Tagged ABS and PCLaser Etching PC and AcrylicToughened; Clear EXL Silicone Rubber Modified PCWeatherable SLX In-Mold Decorating (IMD) Film InsertsStat-Tech ESD CompoundsInternally Lubricated PPO Compounds; PTT Metal Replacement CompoundsConductive CompoundsStatic-Free Nanotube CompoundInherently Conductive PolymersThermally Conductive LCP; Nylon 6 and 66; PC; and PPSTherma-Tech Thermally Conductive CompoundsFilled Compounds; Recycle Content CompoundsHigh Specific Gravity PP; PA; and ABSAromatic Scented ThermoplasticsVisualfx Special Effects ColoringRecycle Content CompoundsStock ShapesSelf-Cleaning PC SheetHigh UV Greenhouse SheetPlastics Materials--Cutting Edge Technologies and Trends - (Technical Insights), Plastics Additives Materials Survey (North America; Europe; Asia)Colorants; Release Agents; Modifiers; CompatibilizersColorants; Release Agents; Modifiers; CompatibilizersBlowing Agents; Processing AidsAntistats; FillersAntistatsFillersPlastics Materials--Cutting Edge Technologies and Trends - (Technical Insights), Plastics Materials Technology SourceguideSourceguide ElementsPlastics Materials Webwatch DirectoryKey Market Leaders - PlasticOther Major Companies - PlasticsKey Market Leaders Competitive To PlasticImportant Plastic EndusersAppendicesPlastics Materials Trade Journals; Trade Shows; and Trade AssociationsOther Major Trade Journal References - PlasticsKey Trade Associations - PlasticsKey Trade Shows - PlasticsKey Database Sources - PlasticsKey Reference Work Sources - PlasticsKey Study Sources - PlasticsPlastics Materials--Cutting Edge Technologies and Trends - (Technical Insights), Frost & Sullivan 2004 Technology AwardsTechnology InnovationAward DescriptionTechnology InnovationTechnology LeadershipAward DescriptionTechnology Leadership Plastics Materials--Cutting Edge Technologies and Trends - (Technical Insights), Decision Support TablesVehicle Production and Semiconductor ProductionTotal Vehicle Production UnitsSemiconductor Market & Semiconductor Equipment MarketMaterials StatisticsAluminium ConsumptionSteel Consumption

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