Plastics Medical Devices--Emerging Technology and Trends (Technical Insights)

Plastics Medical Devices--Emerging Technology and Trends (Technical Insights)

Multi-material Approach to Propel the Need for Adhesives in Body in White (BIW) Structural Applications

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Technology Research
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This research service outlines the key advancements in plastics technology for medical devices.

Table of Contents


  • Overview
  • Global Technology Highlights (North America; Europe)

Scope and Methodology

  • Scope
  • Methodology
  • Plastics Medical Devices Webwatch Directory

The Health Industry

Plastic Relevant Medical Device Regulations

  • Medical Technologies R&D
  • The Global Medical Device Sector

Harmonization of Medical Device Regulations

  • Introduction
  • United States Regulation of Medical Devices
  • Health Canada Medical Device Regulations
  • European Regulation of Medical Devices
  • Japanese Regulation of Medical Devices
  • Regulation of Medical Devices in China

Medical Plastic Packaging Standards

  • Medical Device Regulation Comparison
  • Global Harmonization Task Force (GHTF)

Plastics in Medical Devices

Disposable Medical Devices

Diagnostic and Laboratory Disposables (Asia; Europe)

Bioengineered Tissue Adhesives/Sealants/Fasteners (North America)

Fluid Administration and Collection (North America)

  • Plastics Overview
  • Medical Device Market Drivers

Surgical Equipment and Instruments (North America; Europe)

  • The Growing Disposable Medical Device Market
  • Disposable Medical Market Sectors

Diagnostic Systems (North America)

  • COC Micro-Sized Assay Disks
  • PC Advances Needleless Technology

General Hospital Technologies (North America)

  • PLA Absorbable Staple Acetal Skin Stapler
  • Absorbable Antibacterial Enhanced Sutures

Therapeutic Devices (North America)

  • Improved IV Acrylic Filter Performance
  • FlatCath Hemodialysis TPU Catheter
  • Non-PVC IV Solution Containers

Self-Care and Rehabilitation Products (North America)

  • Sterilized Blood Draw PETG Process Kit
  • Rotational Core Biopsy PC/Copolyester Device
  • Radiolucent PEEK Spinal Fusion Cage

Plastic Materials in Medical Devices

Polyethylene Orthopedic Implants

Medical Applications of Polyurethanes

High Performance LCP Medical Grades

Transparent Medical Plastics

Smart Materials

Medical Coatings/Multilayers

Antimicrobial Additives

Modern Plastics Medical Device Molding

Durable Medical Devices

Specialty Medical Plastics Extrusion Update

Strategic Medical Plastics Manufacturing Development

Plastics Medical Device Manufacturing Assessment

Technology Innovation Award

Technology Leadership Award

Excellence in Technology Award

This research service outlines the key advancements in plastics technology for medical devices.
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