Plastics Processing--Global Cutting Edge Technologies and Trends (Technical Insights)

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This research service evaluates approximately 150 plastic equipment related trends in the major processing areas of injection molding, extrusion (blow molding, thermoforming), auxiliary equipment, tooling, specialty plastics processing (rotomolding, compounding, composites), and CAD/CAM and CAE.

Table of Contents

Plastics Processing--Global Cutting Edge Technologies and Trends (Technical Insights), Executive Summary Research Synopsis and Key FindingsResearch SynopsisKey Findings--North America/Europe/AsiaScope and MethodologyPlastics Processing--Segments and SubsegmentsMethodologyPlastics Processing--Global Cutting Edge Technologies and Trends (Technical Insights), Major Injection Molding Processing Technology Review--Europe/North America/Asia Injection MoldingInjection MoldingAll-ElectricsLarge Tonnage All-ElectricsDirect Versus Indirect Drives'Fashion Forward' ElectricsAll-Italian All-ElectricsHybrid MachinesHybrid MachinesHigh Performance/Speed Hybrid MachinesLarge Tonnage HybridsEast/West HybridizationHigh SpeedAll-ElectricsHigh Speed HybridsHybrid 'Hot Rods'Hydraulic 'Rockets'MultimoldingRotary MultimoldingMultiple OptionsIn Mold ManufacturingInsert MoldingHigh Tech Part Line ControlAll-VerticalsMicromoldingDownsized MoldsAll-Electric MicromoldingMacromoldingBig Machines for Big MoldsSmaller Big Twin-PlatensLow Pressure AlternativesLSR and Thermoset Liquid MoldingSpecialty Molding ProcessesInline CompoundingSilent Running HydraulicsPlastics Processing--Global Cutting Edge Technologies and Trends (Technical Insights), Extrusion Processing Technology Assessment--North America and EuropeExtrusionQuality; Output; Ease of OperationExtrusion Versus Blow MoldingCryogenic Profile TechnologyCoex Polyolefin Foam AdvancesANSI Roll Stack Safety AdvancesMono to Multilayer Blown Film Converting'Expert' Services DevelopmentBlow MoldingBlow MoldingSingle Station Output UpElectric Machine UpsizingLarge; Medium; & Small Station AdvancesMore Output/PET Bottle DelugeBigger; More Complex PartsThermoformingThermoformingSheet Fed Industrial PartsLarge Platen Inline Extrusion/Forming Packaging AdvancesPlastics Processing--Global Cutting Edge Technologies and Trends (Technical Insights), Auxiliary Equipment Processing Technology Assessment--North America/Europe/AsiaAutomation; Parts HandlingDefinitionRobotic ControlsComplete Solution SystemsArticulated Robots MultiplyingScara Robots for FinishingRestricted Workplace Robots'Easy Communication' RobotsMachine Controls; Production MonitoringMan-Machine InterfacingIntegrating Plantwide Process SystemsRemote Controls UpdateMachine ComponentsScrew and Barrel Components Drive Technology ForwardControls; Drives; Motors UpdateMaterials Handling; Drying; BlendingThe 'Dessicant Free' ZoneDessicant SystemsMicroprocessor; Continuous Feedback ControlsBlend; Load; and Feed StreamliningLow Downtime Materials Selection SystemsSize Reduction'Screenless' GranulatorsLarge Central High Throughput UnitsBeside the Press GranulatorsDecorating; Printing; FinishingIn Mold Decorating (IMD) Film GraphicsInk Jet Pad PrintingTwo Color Hot Stamping3D Surface Treating and CoatingAssembly; WeldingSolid State Laser JoiningAutomotive Turnkey Subassembly Robotic WeldingCutting and TrimmingRobotic Deburring3D Hot Wire CuttingTesting and QCColor CommunicationVision InspectionPlastics Processing--Global Cutting Edge Technologies and Trends (Technical Insights), Tooling Processing Technology Assessment--North America and EuropeHot Runner SystemsMultitip Nozzles for Direct Vertical and Open/Direct GatingRotating Manifolds for Automotive Lens ManufacturingFour; Eight; and 16-Drop Multinozzle AssembliesSimultaneous Melt Front Control SystemsHot Runner Temperature Control SystemsAdjustable Valve Pin Gate DesignsProcess Widening Nozzle SystemsTooling ComponentsInterchangeable Tooling SystemsMultiple Location; Mold Mounting EquipmentMold Temperature Controls; ChillersCentral Chiller/Real Time Status FeedbackOptical Disk Multizone ControlsPortable Mold Temperature ControlsMonitors; Sensors; Transducers16-Channel Modular Signal ConditioningInstall and Repair; Single-Wire; Cavity-Force SensorsPlastics Processing--Global Cutting Edge Technologies and Trends (Technical Insights), Specialty Plastics Processing Technology Assessment--Europe and North AmericaRotomoldingIn-Mold MonitoringProduct Enhancement ToolsNew EquipmentFluid Assist MoldingWater Assist TechnologyGas Assist Fluid Systems'Structural Web' Low Pressure SystemPolyurethanes and RIMHigh Pressure MachinesForm-in-Place GasketingDual Tilt Mixhead SystemsCompounding and MixingAbrasion Resistant Ceramic Pelletizer Dies and Die PlatesHigh Intensity Thermokinetic Batch MixingRecycling and Scrap ReclaimPET Flake to Bottle or Sheet ReclaimAll-in-One Shredder/ExtruderCompositesVacuum Infusion Process (VIP)Compression Injection Molded Fuel Cell PlatesRobotic In-Mold Fiber Reinforcement (RIMFIRE)Magnetic Mold ChangingPlastics Processing--Global Cutting Edge Technologies and Trends (Technical Insights), CAD/CAM and CAE Processing Technology Assessment--North America and EuropeCAD Design SoftwareOne Step; Packaging Mold DesignReverse Engineering; Dimensional Inspection SoftwareSimulation SoftwareMicrocellular Foam SimulationThermoforming SimulationBlow Molding SimulationAutomatic Flow Balancing Profile Die SimulationRapid Prototyping AdvancesLow Cost Fused-Deposition Modeling (FDM)New Stereolithography (SLA) MaterialsSelective Laser Sintering (SLS) UpdatePlastics Processing--Global Cutting Edge Technologies and Trends (Technical Insights), Global Plastics Processing Technology SourceguideSourceguide ElementsPlastics Processing Technology Webwatch DirectoryKey Market Leaders - PlasticOther Major Companies - PlasticKey Market Leaders Competitive To PlasticImportant Plastic Endusers- IImportant Plastic Endusers- IIImportant Plastic Endusers- IIIKey Trade Journals—Plastic-IKey Trade Journals—Plastics-IIKey Trade Journals—Plastic-IIIPlastics Processing--Global Cutting Edge Technologies and Trends (Technical Insights), Technical Insights 2004 Science and Technology AwardsTechnology InnovationAward Description 2004 Technology Innovation of the Year Award Technology LeadershipAward Description 2004 Technology Leadership of the Year Award Plastics Processing--Global Cutting Edge Technologies and Trends (Technical Insights), Decision Support TablesMachinery and Vehicle ProductionMachine Tool Production Revenue and Revenue Forecasts by Country and Global RegionTotal Vehicle Production Units by Country and Global RegionNumber of Vehicles in Operation by Country and Global RegionMaterials and Manufacturing StatisticsAluminum Production Rates by Country and Global RegionSteel Production in Millions of Metric Tonnes by Country and Global RegionManufacturing Output Per Capita by Country and Global Region

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