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Issues plaguing lithium ion battery technology are driving the need for “post lithium-ion” batteries, where these alternative battery technologies refer to rechargeable (secondary) batteries that have the highest potential to replace lithium-ion battery technology. This edition of the Future Tech TechVision TOE depicts the current status of alternative battery technologies such as lithium-sulfur, sodium-ion, lithium-air, and sodium-air, as well as the general outlook for these technologies till 2030.The Future Tech TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) captures emerging innovations in research and development, or profile existing technologies which have seen a resurgence in terms of new markets and applicati

Table of Contents

Post Lithium-ion Batteries - Future Tech TOEIssues with Lithium-ion Battery Technology Issues Plaguing Lithium-ion Battery Technology is Driving the need for “Post Lithium-ion” BatteriesStatus of Post Lithium-ion Battery TechnologyLithium-sulfur: Nearest Competitor of Lithium-ionRecent Projects from Lithium-sulfur StakeholdersSodium-ion: Battery with Similar Structure as Li-ionRecent Projects from Sodium-ion StakeholdersLithium-air: Radical Modification of BatteryRecent Projects from Lithium-air StakeholdersSodium-air: Less Expensive and Safer BatteryRecent Projects from Sodium-air StakeholdersMaterial Science and Funding are the Two Main Drivers for Advanced BatteriesRise of Second Life Li-ion Batteries Might Slow Down AdoptionConclusionLithium-sulfur Batteries Expected to Show High Impact in 2030Outlook for Post Lithium-ion Battery TechnologyKey PatentsKey Patents in Lithium-sulfur BatteryKey Patents in Lithium-air BatteryKey Patents in Sodium-air BatteryKey Patents in Sodium-ion BatteryKey ContactsKey Contacts

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