Profiles of Key Eastern European Medical Device Manufacturers

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Table of Contents

Profiles of Key Eastern European Medical Device ManufacturersExecutive SummaryExecutive Summary—Key FindingsMarket SegmentationEastern European Medical Device MarketSelection CriteriaStudy ScopeSelection Parameters for Eastern European Medical Device Manufacturing CompaniesList of Selected CompaniesList of Selected Companies (continued)List of Selected Companies (continued)Country AnalysisBulgariaBulgaria OverviewMedicaMedica (continued)Medica (continued)Medica (continued)Salvamed A.D. Salvamed A.D. (continued)Salvamed A.D. (continued)Salvamed A.D. (continued)Kali Bulgaria Ltd. Kali Bulgaria Ltd. (continued)Kali Bulgaria Ltd. (continued)Kali Bulgaria Ltd. (continued)Momina Krepost PLC.Momina Krepost PLC. (continued)Momina Krepost PLC. (continued)Momina Krepost PLC. (continued)Etropal PLCEtropal PLC (continued)Etropal PLC (continued)Etropal PLC (continued)Czech RepublicCzech Republic OverviewELLA - CS, s.r.o. ELLA - CS, s.r.o. (continued)ELLA - CS, s.r.o. (continued)ELLA - CS, s.r.o. (continued)ProSpon spol. s r.o.ProSpon spol. s r.o. (continued)ProSpon spol. s r.o. (continued)ProSpon spol. s r.o. (continued)PROMA REHA, s. r. o. PROMA REHA, s. r. o. (continued)PROMA REHA, s. r. o. (continued)PROMA REHA, s. r. o. (continued)MEDIN, a. s.MEDIN, a. s. (continued)MEDIN, a. s. (continued)MEDIN, a. s. (continued)PANEP s.r.o. PANEP s.r.o., (continued)PANEP s.r.o., (continued)PANEP s.r.o., (continued)HungaryHungary OverviewInnomed Medical IncInnomed Medical Inc (continued)Innomed Medical Inc (continued)Innomed Medical Inc (continued)77 Elektronika Kft.77 Elektronika Kft. (continued)77 Elektronika Kft. (continued)77 Elektronika Kft. (continued)INNOVENG 1 KFT.INNOVENG 1 KFT. (continued)INNOVENG 1 KFT. (continued)INNOVENG 1 KFT. (continued)Meditech Ltd.Meditech Ltd. (continued)Meditech Ltd. (continued)Meditech Ltd. (continued)REXTRA Kereskedelmi Kft.REXTRA Kereskedelmi Kft. (continued)REXTRA Kereskedelmi Kft. (continued)REXTRA Kereskedelmi Kft. (continued)PolandPoland OverviewBalton LimitedBalton Limited (continued)Balton Limited (continued)Balton Limited (continued)BHH Mikromed Sp. z o.o. BHH Mikromed Sp. z o.o. (continued)BHH Mikromed Sp. z o.o. (continued)BHH Mikromed Sp. z o.o. (continued)DRAMIŃSKI S.A.DRAMIŃSKI S.A. (continued)DRAMIŃSKI S.A. (continued)DRAMIŃSKI S.A. (continued)Metrum CryoFlex Metrum CryoFlex (continued)Metrum CryoFlex (continued)Metrum CryoFlex (continued)HTL STREFA HTL STREFA (continued)HTL STREFA (continued)HTL STREFA (continued)Romania Romania OverviewMedRomania MedRomania (continued)MedRomania (continued)MedRomania (continued)Antibiotice SA Antibiotice SA (continued)Antibiotice SA (continued)Antibiotice SA (continued)CAMP MEDICA SRLCAMP MEDICA SRL (continued)CAMP MEDICA SRL (continued)CAMP MEDICA SRL (continued)Bio MicronBio Micron (continued)Bio Micron (continued)Bio Micron (continued)RombiomedicaRombiomedica (continued)Rombiomedica (continued)Rombiomedica (continued)Last WordLegal DisclaimerAppendixAcronymsThe Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition: Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy

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