Proppant Technologies Driving Growth in Hydraulic Fracturing - Oil and Gas TOE

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Proppants play an important role in hydraulic fracturing by keeping the fractures open and permeable for reservoir fluid to flow through to the wellbore. Proppants are solid materials, which are pumped in the well along with fracturing fluids that facilitate uniform distribution and placement of the proppants in the open fracture. This forms a mesh-like structure with pores forming flow paths that conduct flow of fluid from the reservoir to the well. With increasing need to optimize hydraulic fracking operations, operators are forced to ensure that the choice of proppant is a best-fit solution to withstand reservoir conditions, enhance conductivity, and improve overall well performance. Traditional proppants ha

Table of Contents

Proppant Technologies Driving Growth in Hydraulic Fracturing - Oil and Gas TOEProppant Technologies Driving Growth in Hydraulic FracturingScale-inhibiting Encapsulated Ceramic ProppantSelf-suspending ProppantsTraceable ProppantsResin-coated Proppant to Reduce Produced WaterFly Ash-based Innovative Proppant Material Rod-shaped Proppant with High Aspect RatioResin-coated Proppant Binder SystemThermoset Nanocomposite Bead Proppant MaterialStrategic InsightsStrategic Insights – Proppant technologiesStrategic InsightsKey PatentsKey PatentsKey Patents (continued)Industry ContactsIndustry Contacts

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