Public Vulnerability Research Market in 2014

The Evolving Threat Environment During the Internet of Things Era

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The Frost & Sullivan analysis of the global public vulnerability research market in 2014 is part of a series of studies compiled from various public sources to analyze the public vulnerability landscape from 2013 to 2014. Vulnerability data is collected, queried, and segmented, resulting in a wealth of information that is intended to provide qualitative commentary on the research industry and to recognize the most prolific disclosers of new vulnerability reports. The top research companies are interviewed to provide industry and technology trends. Within this analysis, Frost & Sullivan has identified key market trends, competitive analysis, and growth opportunities to quantify and evaluate the public vulnerabil

Table of Contents

Executive SummaryExecutive Summary—Key FindingsMarket OverviewResearch ObjectivesMarket OverviewMarket Overview (Continued)Market Overview (Continued)Market Overview (Continued)Market Overview (Continued)Market Overview—Best Practices Public Vulnerability DisclosingMarket Overview—The Evolving AttackerMarket Overview—Terminology and DefinitionsMarket Overview—Terminology and Definitions (continued)Market Overview—Terminology and Definitions(continued)Market Overview—Key Questions This Insight AnswersResearch MethodologyResearch MethodologyResearch Methodology (continued)Cyber Threat Analysis and ReportingIntroduction to Cyber Threat Analysis and ReportingThe Internet of ThingsThe Internet of Things (continued)The Internet of Things (continued)SCADASCADA (continued)Software―JavaMalwareMalware (continued)Malware (continued)Mobile MalwareMarket Trends in Public Vulnerabilities Vulnerabilities Reported by YearVulnerabilities Reported by QuarterMarket TrendsMarket Trends (continued)Vulnerability DisclosureVulnerability Disclosure (continued)Vulnerability Disclosure (continued)Vulnerability Disclosure by Organization TypeVulnerability Disclosure by Organization Type (continued)Vulnerability Disclosure by Organization Type (continued)Analysis of Vulnerabilities by SeverityAnalysis of Vulnerabilities by SeverityAnalysis of Vulnerabilities by Severity (continued)Analysis of Vulnerabilities by Severity (continued)Analysis of Vulnerabilities by Severity (continued)Analysis of Vulnerabilities by Severity (continued)Analysis of Vulnerabilities by Severity (continued)Analysis of Vulnerabilities by Severity (continued)Analysis of Vulnerabilities by Severity (continued)Analysis of Vulnerabilities by Severity (continued)Comparison of Targeted ApplicationsTargeted ApplicationsAnalysis of Targeted ApplicationsTop Targeted Types of ApplicationsDisclosing Institutions: Web Browser VulnerabilitiesDisclosing Institutions: Media Applications VulnerabilitiesDisclosing Institutions: Server VulnerabilitiesDisclosing Institutions: Business Applications VulnerabilitiesAnalysis of Targeted Applications by TypeAnalysis of Targeted Applications by Type (continued)Analysis of Targeted Applications by Type (continued)Targeted Web Browser TypeTargeted Web Browser Type (continued)Analysis of Targeted Web Browser Type Vulnerability AnalysisVulnerability DefinitionsVulnerability Definitions (continued)Vulnerabilities Reported by Flaw Type 2013Vulnerabilities Reported by Flaw Type (For 2014)Disclosing Institutions: Buffer Overflow ErrorsDisclosing Institutions: Code Injection ErrorsTop Impact TypeTop Impact Types (continued)Analysis of Impact TypesCompetitive AnalysisCompetitive Analysis Verified VulnerabilitiesCompetitive Analysis Verified Vulnerabilities (continued)Competitive Analysis Verified Vulnerabilities (continued)Competitive Analysis Verified and Unverified VulnerabilitiesCompetitive Analysis (continued)The Status Of Public Vulnerability Reporting The Status of Public Vulnerability ReportingThe Status of Public Vulnerability Reporting (continued)The Status of Public Vulnerability Reporting (continued)ConclusionsConclusionsAppendixVulnerability Database Sources (for 2014)List of Publications Cited in This ReportLegal DisclaimerThe Frost & Sullivan StoryThe Frost & Sullivan StoryValue Proposition: Future of Your Company & CareerGlobal PerspectiveIndustry Convergence360º Research PerspectiveImplementation ExcellenceOur Blue Ocean Strategy

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