Rapid Charging Technology Empowering Small-Scale Electronics

Smart Phones, Laptops, Wearables, and EVs Drive Growth Opportunities for Fast Charging

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With rapid proliferation of smart electronic gadgets and devices in various industries including consumer electronics, healthcare, and automotive, the manufacturers and developers are constantly under pressure to add smart and innovative features to sustain competition. High dependability on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and medical devices, minimizing down time has turned to be a critical aspect of technology development. Rapid/ quick/ fast/ supercharging of electronic devices is gaining momentum among various stakeholders in the electronics ecosystem. Rapid charging can enable charging of devices in few seconds or minutes. Consumer electronics industry is highly competitive and adding features such as rapid

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary1.1 Research Scope1.2 Research Methodology1.3 Research Methodology Explained1.4 Summary of Key Findings1.4 Summary of Key Findings (continued)2.0 Technology Landscape2.1 What is the Value of Rapid Charging Technology in Electronic Devices?2.2 Key Battery Chemistries - Lithium-ion Batteries Lead the Race2.3 Why Do We Need Rapid Charging?2.4 Global Growth Drivers and Industry Challenges – 11 Year Outlook2.5 Demand-Driven Consumer Electronics Industry2.6 Support from Government Agencies Attract Developers2.7 Advanced Materials is a Key Enabler for Market Penetration2.8 Safety Concerns, Cost, Technical Issues are Key Challenges Hindering Adoption2.9 The Ecosystem of Key Stakeholders Driving Developments and Adoption2.10 Impact of Key Megatrends3.0 Assessment of Patent and Funding Trends Driving Adoption3.1 Global Patent Publishing Trends3.2 Inference from Patents: APAC offers Opportunities for Faster Adoption3.3 Key Interesting Funding Initiatives3.4 Inference from Funding Assessment: Advanced Materials will Propel Technology Adoption 4.0 Assessment of Key Existing Portable Appliances Leveraging Rapid Charging Technology 4.1 Snapshot of Key Existing Applications4.2 Smartphones is an Attractive Market for Rapid Charging 4.3 Key Innovators and Innovation Profiles4.4 Fast Charging is an Emerging Application for Laptops4.5 Key Innovators and Innovation Profiles4.6 Rapid Charging Enables 10 Quick Shaves with 1 Hour of Charge Time4.7 Key Innovators and Innovation Profiles4.8 Rapid Charging Saves 50% of Charge-Time in Cameras4.9 Key Innovators and Innovation Profiles4.10 Rapid Charging Technology is a Key Feature for Music Addicts4.11 Key Innovators and Innovation Profiles4.12 Wearables is an Emerging Application of Rapid Charging Technology4.13 Key Innovators and Innovation Profiles5.0 Technology and Applications Roadmap5.1 The Road Ahead for Rapid Charging Technology – Five Year Forecast5.2 Existing Applications Roadmap - Forecast till 20215.3 Emerging Applications Roadmap - Forecast till 20245.4 EVs Offer Opportunities for Rapid Charging5.5 Fast Charging in POC Applications can Minimize Downtime6.0 Growth Opportunities and Strategic Directions6.1 New Charging Devices can Enhance Growth Opportunities for Stakeholders6.2 Technology Licensing and Strategic Partnerships are Key Growth Paths for Early Stage Companies Venturing into the Fast Charging Market6.3 Strategic Perspectives: What is the Value and Impact of Rapid Charging Technology?6.4 Strategic Directions: What should OEMs do to Remain Competitive?6.5 From the Analyst’s Desk: Which Region and Market offer Opportunities for Rapid Charging Technology?6.6 From the Analyst’s Desk: What is the High Impact Market Sector for Rapid Charging and Future Prospects of Li-ion Batteries?6.7 From the Analyst’s Desk: Key Technologies and Companies to Watch Out for in the Medium Term7.0 Industry Contacts7.1 Key Industry Contacts Legal Disclaimer

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