Renewable Energy Technologies--Emerging Developments in Europe (Technical Insights)


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This research service provides an overview and analysis of emerging technologies impacting the renewable energy sector in Europe

Table of Contents

Renewable Energy Technologies--Emerging Developments in Europe (Technical Insights), Executive SummaryIntroductionRenewable Energy--A Brief Analysis of Types of Renewable EnergyHighlights and Key FindingsMethodology; Highlights; and Scope of the Research ServiceMethodologyScopeRenewable Energy Technologies--Emerging Developments in Europe (Technical Insights), Advances in Solar and Photovoltaic Energy TechnologiesOverview of the Solar Energy Technology Sector in Europe Technology Drivers and ChallengesSolar Capacity ForecastsKey Company SnapshotsResearch and Development at Universities/InstitutesThe Netherlands--Advanced Crystalline Silicon Solar CellsGreece--Development of an Optimized Thin-Film Solar ModuleGermany--Improved CISCuT Solar Cells Manufactured Roll to RollGermany--Cadmium Telluride (CdTe)-Based Thin Film Solar CellsGermany--A Solar Powered Palm Pilot on your Sleeve?United Kingdom--Micromachined Solar CellsUnited Kingdom--Insulated Nanowires for Solar CellsUnited Kingdom--Electron Beams Reshape Metal Surfaces for Solar CellsSpain--Metallic Intermediate Band Solar Cells Spain--Possible New Solar Cell MaterialSweden--Branching Nanotrees for Solar CellsRomania--ZnO Based Thin-Film Solar CellsSweden--Making Flexible Conducting Polymers; Nanowires; and Nanodots for Solar CellsFrance--Development of Anti Reflection Coating for Solar CellsPortugal--Gallium Doped Zinc Oxide Films for Solar CellsResearch & Development in Companies Spain--Development of Parabolic TroughDenmark--Manufacture of Back Contact Solar CellsItaly--Organic Material Solar Cells as an Alternative to Silicon Solar CellsRenewable Energy Technologies--Emerging Developments in Europe (Technical Insights), Advances in Hydrogen Energy TechnologyOverview of the Hydrogen Energy Sector in EuropeTechnology Drivers and ChallengesTowards a Hydrogen Economy Key Company SnapshotResearch and Development in Universities/ InstitutesUK--Hydrogen from Vegetable Oil Using Unmixed ReformingUK--Preparing Cerium Gadalonium Oxide Thin Films via the Sol-Gel Method for Solid Oxide Fuel CellsUK--Growing Aligned CNT Emitter Arrays on Plastic Substrates for Fuel CellsUK--Hydrogen Storage in NanofibresSpain--Thermal Spray Coatings for Fuel Cell ComponentsGreece--Ethanol-Powered Fuel CellsGermany--Nanoscale Materials for Hydrogen Storage Germany--Boosting the Output of Microbial Fuel CellsGermany--Increasing Microbial Fuel Cell OutputGreece--A Simpler way of Converting Ethanol to HydrogenBelgium--Development of Sol-Gel Precursor and Substrate in Spin Coating of Films for Fuel CellsPoland--Nickel Magnesium Hydride Batteries as an Alternative for the Conventional Nickel Cadmium BatteriesResearch and Development in the CompaniesFrance--Hydrogen Based Electrical Energy System for Local Power StorageSpain--SOFC Stacks by Using Advanced Spray TechniquesItaly--Advanced Solid Polymer Fuel Cells for Operation at Higher TemperaturesItaly--Coating Technique for Aluminium Diffusion on Fuel CellsRenewable Energy Technologies--Emerging Developments in Europe (Technical Insights), Advances in Biomass Energy TechnologyOverview of the Biomass Energy sector in Europe Technology Drivers and Challenges Research and Development in Universities/ Research InstitutesItaly--Large-Scale Production of Bio-ethanol from Sweet SorghumSweden--An Optimised Production System for Bio-gasResearch and Development in CompaniesSpain--Large-Scale Demonstration of Energy Crops for Power Plant CombustionAustria--Maximum Energy Yield from Organic Wastes Greece--Utilisation of Citrus Waste ResiduesDenmark--Catalytic Conversion of BiomassThe Netherlands--Sustainable Power from Poultry LitterRenewable Energy Technologies--Emerging Developments in Europe (Technical Insights), Advances in Wind Energy TechnologyOverview of the Wind Energy Sector in Europe Technology Drivers and ChallengesMarket Impact and AnalysisResearch & Development in Universities / InstitutesNetherlands--Flow Separation in Wind Turbine Blades ResearchGreece--Develop Megawatt-Scale Wind Turbines for High Wind Complex Terrain SitesGreece--Rotor Blades Enhance Aeroelastic Stability and Fatigue LifeResearch and Development in CompaniesDenmark--Research and Development of V90 Wind TurbinesFrance--Development of a Next-Generation Wind Resource Forecasting SystemRenewable Energy Technologies--Emerging Developments in Europe (Technical Insights), Advances in Geothermal and Tidal Energy TechnologiesTidal Energy--OverviewTechnical Drivers and ChallengesDenmark--Wave Dragon ProjectUnited Kingdom--Tidal Energy Converter Geothermal Energy--AnalysisTechnical Drivers and ChallengesHot Dry Rock Project in EuropeRenewable Energy Technologies--Emerging Developments in Europe (Technical Insights), Decision Support Database (DSD) TablesDSD TablesPercentage of Growth in Demand for Electricity in Europe--1996-2004Net Electricity Consumption in Europe in Billion KWhTotal Installed Capacity of Electricity per Country in Millions of KWInstalled Capacity of Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources in Europe in Millons of KWPer Capita Electricity Consumption in EuropeGlobal Revenue Gathered from Electricity Consumption Renewable Energy Technologies--Emerging Developments in Europe (Technical Insights), Contact Details and PatentsContact DetailsAcademic ContactsCompaniesPatentsWind Energy; Solar EnergyGeothermal and Wave Energy; Hydrogen EnergyRenewable Energy Technologies--Emerging Developments in Europe (Technical Insights), Frost & Sullivan 2004 Science and Technology Awards Excellence in TechnologyIntroductionAward RecipientTechnology InnovationIntroductionAward Recipient




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