Renewable Energy Technologies: Global Developments (Technical Insights)


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This research service provides an overview and analysis of emerging technologies impacting the energy sector

Table of Contents

Renewable Energy Technologies, Executive SummaryIntroductionTotal Global Primary Energy Supply from Renewable SourcesMost Promising Technologies WorldwideMethodology- Scope- Key Global FindingsMethodologyScopeKey Global FindingsRenewable Energy Technologies, Global Advances in Solar Energy TechnologyTechnologies and Applications- Drivers and ChallengesTechnical Drivers and ChallengesUS and the Philippines- Silicon and Semiconductor ResearchJapan- Sanyo Improves HIT TechnologyUS- More Efficient Solar Cells Using Semiconductor MaterialThin Film Solar Cell Research Germany- Tackling the Efficiency ProblemSweden/Norway- Collaboration on Thin-Film Solar CellsNanotechnology in Italy- Targeting Low Cost Solar Cells with NanotechNanotechnology in the UK- Using Branched Nanoparticles to Improve Solar Cell PerformanceNanotechnology in the US- Using Nanoparticles for Solar Energy ConversionNanotechnology in the US and Japan- Exploring Nanocomposite Solar Cell TechnologyNanotechnology in the US- Developing Hybrid Nanostructures for Solar CellsNanotechnology in the US- Improving Flexible Solar Cells with NanofilmsOther Solar Technologies/StandardizationConcentrator Solar CellsOrganic Solar Cells May Produce More Economical ChoiceThe European Union- Standardization IssuesRenewable Energy Technologies, Advances in Wind Energy TechnologyTechnologies and Applications; Drivers and ChallengesEnergy Capacity per Leading Country- Technical Drivers and ChallengesCost Reduction IdeasGermany- Turbine TechnologyUS- Blade TechnologyUS- Funding Blade and Tower ResearchGermany- Using Fiber-Reinforced Composites to Strengthen Turbine BladesSpain- Reducing Maintenance CostsMonitoring Wind SystemsGermany- The Magnetostrictive Effect Proves EffectiveNorthern Ireland- Using Artificial Intelligence to Predict WindsKeeping Voltage Constant The Netherlands- Correcting Peaks and DipsThe Electronics SystemWind in Action; Four Key ProjectsUS and France- Wind Turbine Installed In The ‘Windy City’US- Innovative Utility Takes to the WindEuropean Union- Offshore Wind Technology Is Ready for ApplicationNorway- Statkraft to Expand Wind Farm at SmølaRenewable Energy Technologies, Advances in Hydrogen Energy Technology Descriptions of Technologies and ApplicationsTechnical Drivers and ChallengesNorway and Spain- Production AdvancesCatalysis- Engineering Low-Cost Hydrogen CatalystCatalysis- Cost-Effective Catalyst for Hydrogen Production Catalysis- Oxide Materials May Facilitate Small-Scale Hydrogen ProductionFueling and Pumping TechnologyUK- Natural Gas to Hydrogen InfrastructureU.K- Developing a Hydrogen PumpU.S- Hydrogen in ActionRenewable Energy Technologies, Advances in Geothermal and Wave PowerDescriptions of Technologies and ApplicationsGeothermal Exploration- Technical Drivers and Challenges Geothermal- Making Use of a Geothermal Energy By-Product to Lower Exploration CostsGeothermal- InstrumentationGeothermal- Smart Coating for Geothermal Power Plant Heat Exchanger TubesScotland- Wave Power TechnologyWave Power- Tripling Energy Production from WavesRenewable Energy Technologies, Advances in Distributed GenerationTechnical Drivers and ChallengesIntroductionKey Drivers and ChallengesDescriptions of Technologies and ApplicationsMicroturbinesUS Distributed Generation Research.European Distributed Generation Research- Designing Distributed Generation NetworksRenewable Energy Technologies, Decision Support Databases--Energy Sector Production Estimates and ForecastsYear-by-Year Analysis of Oil-based Electricity Production; Measurements Are in Billions of Kilowatt Hours by Region and CountryNorth American and Latin American MarketsEuropean MarketsAsia Pacific MarketsMiddle East and African MarketsYear-by-Year Analysis of Coal-based Electricity Production; Measurements Are in Billions of Kilowatt Hours by Region and CountryNorth American MarketsSouth American MarketsAsia Pacific MarketsWestern European MarketsAfrican MarketsMiddle East MarketsEastern European MarketsRenewable Energy Technologies, Global Marketplace Impact Analysis Signs of the Times. Key Company SnapshotWind- GE Wind EnergySolar- BP SolarSolar- Shell Solar IndustriesHydrogen- Shell HydrogenMarketplace AnalysisSolar- AnalysisSolar- Market DriversSolar- Market ChallengesWind- AnalysisWind- Market DriversWind- Market ChallengesHydrogen- Market Drivers and ChallengesGeothermal and Wave Power- AnalysisGeothermal and Wave Power- Market DriversGeothermal and Wave Power- Market ChallengesDistributed Generation- Market DriversDistributed Generation- Market ChallengesIntegrating Technologies and Overcoming ChallengesEvaluating Distributed Generation ApplicationsWhere Are We Headed?Renewable Energy Technologies, Contacts; Bibliography; Awards Contacts and BibliographyKey Contacts for CollaborationBibliographyTechnical Insights Science and Technology Awards 2003Technology LeadershipExcellence in Technology

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