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This issue of Oil and Gas TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) profiles artificial lift, production monitoring, instant access to operational data, cables' integrity and unmanned aircraft in the O&G industry. The TOE also discusses liquid removal, liner system, boulder detection, and fracking fluid. The TOE further explains drilling designs and form...

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This month's Oil and Gas TOE profiles key technologies in water treatment and purification that enable oil production enhancement, mitigate water pollution, and prevent water wastage. It also covers key hardware and software solutions that enable intelligent reservoir surveillance and management. In addition, maintenance and inspection solutions th...

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03 Nov 2015  |  Global

Strategic Analysis of the Global Artificial Lifts Market

Aging Conventional Wells and Faster Production Decline from Unconventional Fields are Major Drivers

This research service provides a strategic analysis of the global artificial lifts market, segmented by technology including rod lifts, gas lifts, electric submersible pumps, progressive pump cavity lifts, plunger lifts, and hydraulic pumping systems. It provides forecasts, and discusses the market drivers and restraints for each segment. It also c...

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