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18 Aug 2022  |  Global

AR Cloud: The Next Frontier in Augmented Reality

Growth Opportunities in Unifying the Digital and the Physical World for Truly Immersive Experiences

Advanced technologies such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and extended reality (XR) have seen considerable development in recent years. Many mobile and head-mounted devices support immersive technologies, which require a point cloud for multiple users to view and access information in real time. Companies have invested in building...


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08 Dec 2021  |  Global

Global Optical Waveguide in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Growth Opportunities

Advancements in Optical Waveguide Technology for AR and VR will Accelerate Growth Opportunities in the Automotive, Healthcare, Aerospace and Defense, Education, and Retail Sectors.

In today’s electronics-dominated world, the desire for immersive experiences has surged immensely. As a result, AR/VR technologies have evolved rapidly in recent years. Advancements in optical waveguides such as diffractive waveguides hold the potential to build ergonomic AR/VR devices without compromising on the quality of the projected images. ...


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When Stratecast began its Augmented Reality (AR) coverage, the general consensus was that AR would be mostly relegated to the gaming community, with few practical real world applications. Stratecast has been consistently bullish on the utility of and the eventual dominance of AR in both the consumer community as well as in business. This year’s r...


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25 Oct 2017  |  Global

Augmented Reality for Industrial Companies—Technology that can Help Improve Worker Effectiveness

Using Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality to Enhance Their Workers

This growth insight examines augmented reality (AR) and how it can be used in industrial applications. It also seeks to unveil the business value of leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) data to create new machine interfaces. AR is now widely used by consumers in everyday life, with many examples on mobile apps used for gaming and entertainment. Howe...


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01 Dec 2016  |  North America

Leveraging the Augmented Reality Transformation

How AR will Fundamentally Change Consumer Lifestyle

This report looks at the AR market through the lens of the new transformation: how will consumers use AR in their daily lives; and how will this translate into new products and services? Business planners in every industry will find this discussion useful.


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This report explores AR from the standpoint of market opportunities in human augmentation. It examines the areas where such augmentation can generate substantial returns for companies that pursue them; and it finishes by looking at how a major player in the headset market plans to fold AR into its product line.


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20 May 2016  |  North America

Office of the Future–Part 1: Wearables and Augmented Reality

Access to Real-Time Contextual Information through Such Technologies Aids Decision Making and/or Enhances Experience

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the corporate landscape is changing rapidly driven by demands of customers, expectations of workers, and threat from competitors. As a result, work today is fundamentally changing requiring unprecedented levels of productivity. Maximizing contextual awareness creates opportunities to have collaboration driv...


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23 Feb 2016  |  Global

Automotive Service Industry Outlook—Impact of Tablets, Mobile Apps, and Augmented Reality, Forecast to 2021

Remote Diagnostics and Participatory Services to Drive Service Bay Transformation

This research service analyzes how evolving technology and consumer behavior will change the way that vehicles are serviced in the future. With a focus on vehicle diagnostics and service delivery models, this research service explores how products and service offerings, distribution channels, and various customer groups will be affected by these tr...


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21 Oct 2015  |  North America

Augmented Reality: The Paradigm Shift Begins


This report explores the current state of the AR market, and the role that devices and applications have in jump starting the growth of this very promising new technology. It also explores the activities of major market participants such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, as they position themselves to capture significant portions of what t...


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18 Sep 2015  |  Global

Heads Up—5 Key Augmented Reality Trends in Transportation

AR Offers Exciting Possibilities in Safety, Optimization, and Situational Awareness

Transporting things and people from one place to another is getting a reality makeover. This new reality is formed by augmenting a transportation vehicle operator’s physical view of the world with contextually relevant digital images and information. This insight paper takes a close look at key AR trends in the transportation industry. Transporta...


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12 Aug 2015  |  Global

5 Key Augmented Reality Trends in Government

Changing the Way Citizens Interact with the Government

Augmented Reality (AR) technology has emerged as a visualization tool that is changing the way citizens interact with their government. AR can be used to strengthen police and fire protection duties, improve border and transportation security, maximize operational efficiency of government units, and serve as a tool for citizens to better understand...


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15 Jun 2015  |  North America

Augmented Reality in Cars in North America and the European Union

Overall AR-enabled Head-up Displays to Gain 10.4% Market Share by 2025

In an attempt to increase driver safety, OEMs are trying to integrate ADAS content and warnings into head-up displays (HUDs).This market insight focuses on various technologies within the HUD market for passenger cars in the United States and European Union. The study describes market segmentation and penetration of each technology, namely windshie...


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10 Apr 2014  |  North America

Augmented Reality Market: Innovation and Hysteria


Stratecast has the notable distinction of examining the AR market since before the term was in general use in the technical sector. In our examination, we have seen a gradual acceleration of interest and research in the area of AR. Now, we are seeing the introduction of special purpose devices that will make clear to the consumer space what AR can ...


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31 Mar 2014  |  Global

Augmented Reality - 9 Dimensional Assessment (Technical Insights)

Advanced Non Immersive Technologies for Real Time Data Visualization

Augmented reality (AR) refers to latest and futuristic advancements where real world environments are augmented with virtual information. New technologies and applications are evolving in this space to make an effective contribution to proliferating segments such as social and mobile computing. The research service offer insights upon market potent...


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This analysis takes aim at the growing interest in MAR as a transformative technology for mobile computing and user engagement. In particular, it will examine the growth potential for the AR marketplace, and the need for MAR to be cloud-based; and define the opportunity for service providers, particularly wireless carriers, to take a lead role in p...


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28 Jun 2013  |  North America

Augmented Reality: The End of Privacy?


This SPIE explores the implications of privacy in an environment saturated by active watching and listening devices. In particular, it explores the implications for carriers when these devices become common. It also suggests some ways in which carriers can leverage consumer concerns about and desire for privacy to generate new streams of income.


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22 Mar 2013  |  North America

Augmented Reality 2013: The Future Now


AR is very real, is now starting to deliver devices to the market, and is beginning to impact the consumption of mobile services. In the following sections, the basic concept of AR is reviewed, the consumers reaction to such technology is disclosed, and the current state of the market explored. This report will be of significant interest to networ...


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31 Dec 2012  |  Global

Augmented Reality--Technology Penetration and Roadmapping (Technical Inisghts)

Towards Enhancing Perception of Reality

Augmented reality refers to latest and futuristic advancements where real world environments are augmented with virtual information. New technologies and applications are evolving in this space to make an effective contribution to proliferating segments such as social and mobile computing. The objective of this research service is to offer a roadma...


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19 Jun 2012  |  North America

Augmented Reality: The Virtual World Gets Real

This report examines AR from the perspective of its impact on the consumer as well as the network operator. In particular, the probable impact of AR on the delivery of communication and computing services will be examined.


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