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This edition of the Energy & Power Systems (EPS) TOE features information about concentrated solar power coupled with thermal energy storage, significantly minimizing the intermittency challenges in renewable energy generation. The TOE covers innovations based on the use of string batteries with cell swapping stations enabling rapid fast charging c...

31 May 2022  |  Global

Breakthrough Innovation Enabling Efficient Thermal Energy Storage (TES)

TES Systems Hold Wide Application Flexibility and Decarbonization Potential across Industries.

Energy storage systems are key enabling technologies that reduce emissions and improve the efficiency of buildings; they also facilitate the integration of renewable energy resources and enhance the stability of the grid. As countries across the world focus on achieving net-zero targets by 2050 and move to a circular economy, thermal energy storage...


This edition of the Energy & Power Systems (EPS) TOE features information on the development of scalable and cost-efficient hydrogen storage technologies based on metal hydrides to accelerate the establishment of a hydrogen economy. The TOE covers innovations based on the design, fabrication and development of high energy density based lithium ion ...


This edition of the Energy & Power Systems (EPS) TOE features information on the use of sustainable and scalable battery storage solutions that can be used for storing renewable energy. The TOE covers innovations based on the use of proven tidal power systems with high efficiency for off-shore renewable energy generation. The TOE additionally provi...


This edition of the Energy & Power Systems (EPS) TOE features deployment of polymer-based gas separation membranes useful for a wide range of applications, use of highly efficient hydrogen compression and purification systems that can replace expensive membrane separation processes for hydrogen separation and recovery. The TOE also provides insight...

23 Nov 2021  |  Global

Global Residential Battery Energy Storage Growth Opportunities

Higher Electricity Prices, Declining Technology Costs, and Desire for Grid Independence are Factors Driving Market Growth

The residential battery storage market will continue its recent trajectory of strong growth, with global revenues increasing from $3.05 billion in 2021 to reach $8.11 billion in 2030. High electricity prices, declines in feed-in tariffs and net metering payments, and continued declines in lithium-ion battery prices and associated components are the...

21 Oct 2021  |  Global

Breakthrough Flow Battery Technologies for Grid-scale Energy Storage

Long Operational Life, Eco-friendly Construction, and Low Lifetime Cost Drive the Deployment of Flow Batteries for Stationary Larg

The flow battery energy storage solution comprises 2 electrolytes, which differs from the traditional battery design, where energy is stored as the electrode material. These electrocytes’ electrochemical nature drives the ion transfer and enables the storage and discharge of energy. A flow battery can be used as a fuel cell and rechargeable bat...

13 Oct 2021  |  Global

Growth Opportunities for Plastics and Composites in Advanced Energy Storage: Technology Analysis

Need for High Charge Density In Advanced Batteries Driving Demand for Polymers and Composites

Current lithium-ion batteries face challenges such as safety issues, high charging time, and low power density. With the rise in electrification, there is a need for advanced energy storage solutions, especially advanced batteries based on Lithium-ion and other battery chemistries. Materials used to manufacture these batteries are often unable to m...


This issue of the Nanotechnology Opportunity Engine profiles innovations related to nanocatalysts for energy storage and energy generation. The issue also highlights innovations focused on nanoemulsions and nanomaterials for healthcare, wearables, and other applications. The Nanotechnology Opportunity Engine provides intelligence on technologies,...

15 Mar 2021  |  Global

Electricity Market Modernization and Cost Reductions Powering the Global Grid Battery Energy Storage Market

Competitive Strategies from Optimization Services, Flexible System Designs, and Co-located Storage Capturing Growth Opportunities

Power utilities, system operators, and authorities worldwide increasingly regard grid battery energy storage as a core component of energy expansion plans. Key factors driving this consideration are increasing price competitiveness owing to declining technology costs, including for batteries and balance of plant, and the continual expansion of inte...