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13 Dec 2023  |  Global

Global Food Preservatives Growth Opportunities

An Increasing Consumer Preference for Clean Label Ingredients Will Drive Future Growth

The growing demand for food and beverage (F&B) products with extended shelf life and increasing preference for convenience F&B will drive the food preservative market. The bakery, meat, and meat products industries exhibit strong demand for preservatives due to their high susceptibility to contamination from microorganisms. Clean label trends acros...

22 May 2013  |  Africa

Overview of the Food Preservatives and Colourants Markets in South Africa and Nigeria

Are South Africa and Nigeria Following International Trends by Demanding Natural Additives?

This market insight compares regulations used in and trends identified for the international food preservatives and colourants markets with those in South Africa and Nigeria. Topics include drivers and restraints for the food preservatives and colourants markets in both South Africa and Nigeria as well as an overview of each countrys competitive l...


This research service provides an assessment of the present status,future prospects and industry challenge of the market for food preservatives in China. The research service examines the food preservatives market in detail by product type. All revenues are presented in dollars. The study analyzes the market over the period from 2004 to 2014.