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The latest edition of Medical Device TOE profiles innovations in diverse markets such as coronary stents, shockwave therapy for diabetic foot ulcer management, continuous blood glucose monitoring, patient engagement platform, and continuous intravenous line monitoring. These innovations have been traced from across the globe - Singapore, Canada, Is...


This issue profiles tattoo-based noninvasive glucose monitoring devices, cloud-based predictive technology, and combining photo acoustic imaging with ultrasonics for point-of-care diagnostics.

14 Mar 2013  |  Africa

The Blood Glucose Monitoring Market in Kenya

An Attractive Opportunity for Addressing a Burgeoning Diabetes Population

This market insight research service provides an overview of the market for blood glucose monitoring systems in Kenya, which are critical in the monitoring of insulin levels amongst diabetes patients. Market drivers and market restraints are outlined, a revenue forecast is given, and the competitive landscape is examined. The base year for this ser...


This research service provides a qualitative and quantitative analysis for continuous glucose monitoring market in Europe. The rise in aging population and increased occurrence of diabetes across the globe has increased the demand for devices for monitoring diabetes. The most popular method for monitoring glucose level is the traditional method usi...


This issue of Vital Signs, released on November 19, 2007, provides a strategic overview of issues and advances in continuous glucose monitoring. Additionally, a company spotlight is provided for DexCom Inc., a developer of continuous glucose monitoring systems for diabetics. Reimbursement and regulatory news from the FDA is also provided for the we...


The study revolves around the area of continuous glucose monitoring and discusses the drivers, restraints, challenges and market trends. The study attempts to forecast the user trends over the next 3 years and also does a potential market penetration estimate.


This research service analyzes emerging glucose monitoring technologies and their impact in the healthcare market.


This research service analyzes the market for Glucose Monitoring products within the United States. Product markets assessed included Glucose Meters, Glucose Strips, and Emerging Glucose Monitoring Technologies. The United States market was divided into the consumer and professional market segments. Each segment of this service covers market tre...


The objective of this report is to evaluate the present state of the world glucose monitoring devices market and present a forecast of the revenues and revenue growth rates. The report includes the U.S., European, Japanese and rest of the world (ROW) markets. The report covers glucose meters, test strips and continuous glucose monitoring systems....