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04 Aug 2023  |  Global

Global Floating Offshore Wind Growth Opportunities

Government Support, Disruptive Technologies, and Optimized Supply Chains will Drive Cost Reduction and Floating Offshore Wind Deployments

Floating offshore wind technology holds the potential to unlock vast wind resources in deep waters not accessible by traditional fixed-bottom offshore wind farms. However, to further promote the adoption of large-scale floating offshore wind farms, several challenges must be addressed. These farms require significant upfront investments in research...

25 Nov 2022  |  Global

Growth Opportunities in the Global Offshore Wind Market

Remarkable Cost Reductions, Disruptive Technologies, and Efficient Supply Chain to Drive Offshore Wind Demand

Our society's approach to producing, consuming, and distributing energy is changing due to mounting concerns about global warming and rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Governments worldwide are formulating regulatory frameworks, increasing their investments in low-carbon technologies to slow climate change, and decarbonizing their economies. An ...


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14 Dec 2021  |  Global

Emerging Technologies Transforming Offshore Wind Energy

High Reliability and Cost-effective Large-scale Energy Production Drive the Deployment of Offshore Wind Energy Farms

Energy generation is the most crucial building block of a country’s economic development and a key determinant of its progress. Population growth requires a higher degree of economic development, which directly requires more energy to be generated. To meet the rising energy demands, the energy sector is under pressure to expand rapidly as countri...


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17 Feb 2021  |  Asia Pacific

Domestic Demand and Strong Offshore Opportunity Strengthens ASEAN Hosted/Cloud Contact Center Market, Forecast to 2026

Scalability, Improved Business Continuity, Remote Working Capabilities will Drive Future Investments

The ASEAN contact center market continues to shift from systems to cloud solutions. Along with the on-premise contact center systems, a number of organizations are looking to upgrade their contact center infrastructure to the cloud to explore new features, better flexibility and scalability, and easy integration of multiple digital channels. Contac...


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11 Dec 2020  |  Asia Pacific

Innovation in Turbine Capacity and Regulations to Impel the APAC Offshore Wind Turbine Market Until 2025

Government Renewable Energy Plans will Propel Transformational Growth Across Asia-Pacific

The study outlines the general outlook for the offshore wind turbine market until 2025. The analyzes segments, how government plans and regulations drive the market, how geopolitical chaos restrain growth, how competitive intensity is dynamic and is both disrupted and driven by technology, including the transformative Mega Trends across the Asia-Pa...


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26 Nov 2019  |  Global

Growth Opportunities in the Offshore Wind Turbine Market, Forecast to 2025

Growth will be Supported by Technological Innovations and Steady Price Reductions

Offshore wind energy involves the harvesting of wind power by setting up wind turbines in bodies of water, usually on the seafloor. Owing to the higher wind velocities in offshore locations, offshore wind turbines deliver greater power than their onshore counterparts. Higher offshore wind velocities also translate into higher capacity utilization f...


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Offshore wind energy is crossing the period where it requires massive subsidies and governmental support to achieve economic feasibility to a mature and market-driven industry. With other forms of renewable energy available that are cheaper, there is a need to bring down the cost of offshore power generation further. In order to reduce the levelize...


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The need for anti-corrosion technologies for offshore structures has gained prominence in the last three years due to increasing demand for effective and sustained protection of offshore structures that can result in their increased service life and reduced operating costs. Growth opportunities for anti-corrosion technologies is expected to be for...


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24 Dec 2015  |  Global

Innovations in Anti Corrosion Technologies for Offshore Structures (TechVision)

Disruptive Innovations in Anti-corrosion Technologies for Increasing Service Life of Offshore Structures

The market for anti-corrosion technologies, especially coatings for offshore structures has gained momentum in recent years mainly due to the demand for effective and sustained protection for increased service life and reduced operating cost of offshore structures. The recent boom in the oil and gas sector, especially in North America is driving gr...


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10 Jul 2015  |  North America

Offshore Oil and Gas Satellite Communications Market

High Industry Growth Drives Satellite Adoption

Despite disruptions from oil and gas pricing, this industry remains one of the highest growth industries for the satellite Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) market. Even during a period of lower margins for oil and gas companies, their consumption of VSAT services and hardware is stronger than the overall VSAT industry average. This research wi...


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25 Jun 2015  |  Africa

Analysis of the Offshore Oil & Gas Paints and Coatings Market in Nigeria and Angola

Market Growth to Follow Economic Growth Trends

This study provides an overview of the Nigerian and Angolan offshore oil and gas paints and coatings markets through 2019. More than 150 companies participate in the Nigerian market, of note Berger Paints, Portland Paints and Products, CAP PLC, DN Meyer PLC, and International Paints. In Angola 25 companies participate, led by Hempel, Azko Nobel, De...


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23 Apr 2015  |  Asia Pacific

Southeast Asia Offshore Oil and Gas Services Market

Feasibility of Venturing into Deeper Water Amid Declining Oil Prices

The offshore oil and gas (O&G) services market is witnessing uncertainty amid the global slump in crude oil price that started in H2, 2014 affecting economies and several industries. Major international and national oil companies have resorted to controlling their capital investments and laying off employees to reduce expenses. The highest level of...


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13 Mar 2014  |  Global

Changing Tides in Offshore Oil and Gas Production: Subsea Automation Opportunities at the Ocean Floor

Future Vision of a Subsea Factory Bolstering Growth

The abundance of global offshore oil and gas reserves encourages end users to expand exploration and production activities at deep-water and ultra-deep-water levels to ensure sustained profitability. As solution providers aim to provide integrated packaged solutions such as separation, compression, boosting, and water reinjection at the ocean floor...


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31 Jul 2013  |  Asia Pacific

Electrical Equipment and Solutions for Marine and Offshore Market in Asia-Pacific

Depleting Onshore O&G Fields and Increasing Demand for Marine Vessels Bolster Market Growth

The study covers LV switchgears and assemblies, metal-clad switchgears and assemblies, MV distribution transformers, and motor control centers markets for marine and offshore applications in Asia-Pacific. South Korea, Japan, and Singapore are the leading revenue generators with strong shipbuilding companies driving the demand for electrical product...


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12 Jun 2012  |  Asia Pacific

Asia-Pacific Contact Center Outsourcing - Domestic and Offshore Markets

Outlook for Domestic and Offshore Markets - Growth Opportunities for BPOs

This research study examines market trends, drivers, and restraints for the Asia-Pacific contact center outsourcing market. This study provides market size, revenue forecasts, and breakdown by country, industry vertical, and domestic versus offshore markets. Market shares for the leading outsourcers are also provided. The study profiles about 40 le...


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Wind energy is currently the most mature renewable energy in the market. The offshore wind market is predicted to experience good growth in the next few years. This situation is caused by increasing demand for clean and sustainable energy generation as well as dense urbanization, where countries have no option but to explore offshore locations. Thi...


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17 Jul 2009  |  Europe

The European Offshore Wind Energy Market


This study looks at the offshore wind energy market in Europe. It provides an overview of the market, the factors driving and holding back the market and then goes on to make capacity and revenue forecasts. It also provides geographical and competitive analyses.


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This Frost & Sullivan research has been compiled after electronically surveying 600 companies around the world followed by 54 telephone interviews with high level company executives and government officials. It analyzes the trends in global offshore outsourcing and offshoring of IT jobs. It also discusses the various challenges, drivers, and restr...


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