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This issue of Sensor TechVision Opportunity Engine profiles innovations in terahertz imaging, silicone sensors, biosensors, magnetic sensors, CNT-based sensors, and infrared sensors. Sensor TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) captures global sensor-related innovations and developments on a weekly basis. Innovations are directed toward developing s...

19 Dec 2018  |  Global

Analysis of Global Silicone Market, Forecast to 2024

Demand from Asia Anticipated to Drive Global Growth

This research service analyzes the global silicone market. The main segments covered by product form are elastomers, fluids, resins, and gels & other products. In terms of end-user applications the market has been fragmented into transportation, construction, electronics, medical, personal care & consumer goods, special systems, energy, and industr...


This issue profiles a novel coating system for efficient silicone polymer coating, superoleophobic surfaces that mimic natural anti-oil-fouling surfaces, and self-healing coatings for extended corrosion protection in marine applications.

24 Nov 2006  |  Europe

Western European Medical Silicone Markets

This research service presents an assessment of the current status and future prospects of the medical silicone market in Western Europe. The study examines the following applications: silicone catheters and tubing market, silicone implants market, silicone adhesives and lubricants market and market for silicones used in miscellaneous medical devi...