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06 Sep 2022  |  Global

Global Clinical-grade Wearables Growth Opportunities

An Influx of Consumer Wearables Companies Entering the Healthcare Space Boosts Future Growth Potential

The healthcare industry is facing a shortage of resources, including its workforce. This strain has increased demand for remote monitoring technologies. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has fueled demand for home-based care and telehealth services. This sudden increase in remote monitoring and home-based care is driving demand for regulated monitori...

29 Oct 2021  |  Global

Global Sensors in Wearables Growth Opportunities

Future Growth Potential due to Smart and Miniaturized Wearable Sensors

Smart watches, fitness bands, smart clothing, hearables, head-mounted displays, and wearable medical devices are covered in this research. It includes temperature, pressure, image/optical, motion, microphone, proximity, medical sensors. Health and wellness, safety monitoring, sports and fitness, and other applications are discussed as well. Nor...

08 Dec 2020  |  Global

Competitive Intensity Driving Healthcare Focus in the Global Consumer Wearables Market

Strategic Partnering to Drive New Healthcare Growth Opportunities for Consumer Wearables

Wearable devices have often been dismissed by healthcare professionals as a consumer tool with 'fancy' features. With several consumer wearable devices now having regulatory clearances for detecting conditions like atrial fibrillation and other cardiac conditions, their role in the healthcare landscape is becoming prominent. COVID-19 induced lockdo...

05 Aug 2019  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Assessment of the Wearables Market in India, Forecast to 2023

Growing Trend Towards Adoption of Smart Devices, Young Tech Savvy Population, and Increasing Incomes to Drive Growth

The study aims to analyze and forecast the Indian wearables market from 2018 to 2023. The wearables market is broken down into Fitness Trackers, Smart Watches, and Medical Devices & Others. • Fitness trackers are also known as basic wearables which use sensors to perform functions such as detect physical functions of the body, help trac...

29 Sep 2017  |  Global

Future Wearables in Healthcare - R&D Portfolio Areas and Technology Roadmapping

Expanding Opportunities for Wearable Devices in Diagnostics

Wearable technologies in healthcare are expected to have key growth opportunities in the next few years driven by factors such as the proliferation of wearables for health and wellness and the need for more data about the current and future condition of individuals and patients. This technology and innovation report provides analysis of key technol...

15 Dec 2016  |  North America

North American Wearables and Other Devices Market, 2016

Cellular Connectivity and Internet of Things to Stimulate Tier I Mobile Operator Plans, Pricing, and Purchasing Trends

Wearables are a relatively new product group in North America (NA). Since smart watches first entered the market several years ago, the wearables category has branched off into a large number of devices like fit bands, smart clothing, health monitoring devices, and a variety of others. As the group has expanded, so have the number of manufacturers ...


Sensors for smartphones and wearables are an emerging application for sensor technology manufacturers. Advancement in sensors create opportunities for sensor manufactures to explore a wide range of applications. Increased adoption of smart devices across various industries is encouraging research and development activities in the sensor industry. ...

05 Aug 2016  |  Global

Wearables Integration in Cars—Use Cases, Impact, OEM Activities, and Future Possibilities

Opportunity for the Automotive Industry to Find New Ways to Support and Learn from its Customers

As wearables technology becomes more ubiquitous, it allows for new avenues of consumer interaction and data collection. As the world becomes increasingly connected, consumers will demand that their vehicles be connected with their wearables technology, which will open up various opportunities for automotive-related applications that will be enabled...

22 Jul 2016  |  Global

Global Battery Market for Wearables

US Leads in Battery Demand, While Asia-Pacific Would Register the Highest Growth in the Next 5 Years

This study analyses the potential for batteries powering wearable devices globally. Various battery chemistries such as lithium-ion, lithium polymer, thin film batteries, and emerging technologies are discussed. Major end-user applications include batteries for healthcare wearables, industrial and military wearables, and consumer wearables. The mar...


With regards to wearables and healthcare, strong customer demand and surging sales are only part of the story. The other side of the narrative captures the tale of a highly volatile marketplace where, due to intense competition, there is a revolving door of company entries and exits. Accordingly, Frost & Sullivan’s team, through its tracking of w...

20 May 2016  |  North America

Office of the Future–Part 1: Wearables and Augmented Reality

Access to Real-Time Contextual Information through Such Technologies Aids Decision Making and/or Enhances Experience

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the corporate landscape is changing rapidly driven by demands of customers, expectations of workers, and threat from competitors. As a result, work today is fundamentally changing requiring unprecedented levels of productivity. Maximizing contextual awareness creates opportunities to have collaboration driv...

19 Apr 2016  |  Global

Lifestyle Diseases—Could Wearables Be the Solution?

Convergence of Wearables and Analytics Drives Health Outcomes and Unique User Experience

Increasingly, the connected nature of humans is driving the Internet of life (IoL). The IoL is driving wellness, integrate life and living (WILL). The key driver for the quantifiable self is wearables, which are poised to disrupt every facet of the healthcare system. However, tracking personal health data in real-time opens up privacy and security ...

24 Mar 2016  |  Global

Global Wearables Market and Implications for Chemicals and Materials, Forecast to 2020

Materials Market to Leverage Growth in Emerging Enterprise and Consumer Applications

This Frost & Sullivan research study aims to provide an overview of the global wearables market and the trends and implications for the chemicals and materials market. The research includes an industry overview, background, and impact factors. It also focuses on providing an insight into the opportunities for different types of materials including ...

09 Mar 2016  |  North America

Wearables and Smart Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Technologies for the Industrial Market

Wearable PPE Unveils Growth Opportunities with Promise of Improved Worker Productivity and Long-Term Cost-Savings

This study outlines the developments in smart and wearable technologies in the global PPE market. It discusses what is smart for the PPE market and what kind of developments can benefit the end users in overcoming some of the challenges associated with traditional PPE. It also outlines the drivers and challenges for smart PPE and provides an overvi...

12 Jun 2014  |  North America

Wearables: Snapshot of Consumer Sentiments on Activity Tracking Devices

Developing Key Market Insights and Trends

The wearable technology products market is booming by dint of its growth factors. Consumer-driven products can be specialty or conventional health monitors that extract data from specific devices such as an activity tracking wristband for pulse measurements or shoes that monitor the wearer's steps for a real-time self-assessment of fitness conditio...