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08 Mar 2018  |  Global

Impact of Wearable Technology on the Global Energy Sector, 2017

Investment in Wearables Drives Efficiency Gains for the Energy Sector

This insight provides an overview of the key technology trends, growth potential, use cases in the energy ecosystem, and major innovators in the industrial wearable domain. A comprehensive overview of the use cases for wearable in energy with potential problems and how wearable can address the shortcomings with application benefits has been analyze...


This edition of Future Tech TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) covers the impact of wearable technology on the pharmaceutical industry. Wearables are wireless, sensor integrated devices worn on the body, which can accurately measure body physiological functions and alert users when abnormal parameter levels or fluctuations occur. All these attribu...


This issue of Homeland Security TOE covers developments in wearables for Homeland Security applications. Innovations profiled include: A high-definition body-worn evidence capturing with unlimited storage by TASER International A Wi-Fi-enabled, badge-styled wearable camera by Edesix An augmented reality (AR) solution for wearable heads-up displays ...

29 Sep 2015  |  Global

Futuristic Outlook of Wearable Technology in Key Applications

Transformational impact across various industries

Wearable Technology involves body worn electronics that can perform various functionalities such as sensing, communicating, and computing. Wearables’ is the result of convergence of various technologies in sensors, microelectronics, and ICT. Wearable technology impacts the lives of millions of people who are adopting this technology primarily to ...


The wearable technologies opportunity was a hot topic at the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, with major global device manufacturers launching their brands of wearable devices alongside smaller, niche wearable device companies attempting to create their own space in the market.