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The study is an update to an existing study which gave an overview of the EV market, indicate the development in infrastructure, business models, initiatives and consumer research. Further, this study also focusses on key trends such as mega cities, urbanisation, mobility trends and car sharing. Study also provides an update to the existing sales ...

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The research focusses on identifying growth opportunities in the global commercial truck industry with a focus on how the truck industry will evolve in 2010- 2020. Study focuses on how urbanization trends are evolving in developed and developing nations, giving rise to smart cities and impacting the mobility of trucks in the future. Research also f...

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The study focuses on the reuse/second life and recycling market for the lithium-ion batteries used in the EVs. It provides an overview of the market trends, geographic resources of lithium, industry challenges, and demand and supply projections of lithium for the automotive sector. Furthermore, this study also looks at feasible reuse/second life ap...

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This research service on intelligent vehicle technologies provides insights into the key developments, and emerging trends comprising of collision warning, driver assistance and collision notification systems. The key drivers, challenges and restrains pertaining to this market has been outlined. Competing technologies in this space have been compar...

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This Database provides statistics that primarily comprises Production and Sales Data of New Automobiles in the Emerging countries across regions. In this DSD, ‘Automobiles’ have been categorized as Passenger Cars, Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) and Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles (M & HCV) for an easy comprehension.

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30 Mar 2012  |  Global

Strategic Analysis and Benchmarking of Global OEMs Micro-Mobility Solutions

More Than 150 New Micro-Mobility Models Targeted By 2020

This study presents analysis and benchmarking of global original equipment manufacturer micro-mobility solutions. It introduces market definitions and segmentation, and offers an overview of existing and proposed micro-mobility model introductions by key global OEMs including passenger car OEMs. It discusses automotive Mega Trends and their impact....

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19 Feb 2013  |  Global

Strategic Outlook of the Global Medium-heavy Commercial Truck Market in 2013

Despite Strong Headwinds, Sales Volume Poised to Touch 2.8 Million

Global market for medium-heavy commercial trucks is expected to grow marginally despite weakness in the global economy. Key volume markets such as China, India and Brazil are set to bounce back with marginal recovery in trucks sales from the slump in 2012. Triad markets to decline despite moderate growth in the North American. Russia, Next 11 and A...

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22 Feb 2013  |  Global

2013 Outlook of the Global Automotive Industry

An OEM Expected to Hit 10 Million Sales. Global Vehicles in Operation to Exceed 1 Billion

The study discusses the outlook of the global automotive industry in detail. It illustrates the growth and slowdown of regional markets in 2012 and analyses the expected market performance in 2013. It explores the drivers behind the growth in APAC and the US and the factors contributing to the slowdown in Europe. Additionally, it highlights the key...

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18 Mar 2013  |  Global

Global Mega Trends and their Implications on Urban Logistics

Global Spending on Urban Logistics to Reach $5.980 Trillion by 2020.

This study seeks to analyse the impact of global mega trends—including urbanisation, bricks and clicks, connectivity, and multimodality—on the growing market of urban logistics. Urban logistics is a dynamic and crucial subset of the logistics industry, which over the past decade has placed unique demands on the global supply chain. Mega Trends...

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27 Jun 2013  |  

Passenger Vehicle Service Pattern in India

Customers Shift their Service Channels Post Free Service Period

The auto sector in India is set to continue in its growth trajectory for the next five years and India is becoming an increasingly favourite destination for global majors looking at emerging markets. This, in turn, has resulted in a boom for servicing. The objective of this study is to offer a strategic outlook of the Indian passenger vehicle deale...

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