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18 Sep 2012  |  Latin America

Brazilian Market for Electric Drives

Search for Energy Savings Spurring Demand

This research service covers the Brazilian market for electric drives. The key focus of this research is on alternate current (AC) drives, direct current (DC) drives and servo drives. This research also focuses on market trends, considering challenges, drivers, and restraints, and providing a forecast of market revenue for the period 20102015. Str...

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19 Oct 2012  |  Latin America

Andean Region Electric Variable Speed Drives Market

The Leadership of Metal and Mining

This research service provides insight into the electric variable speed drives market. Alternating current (AC) drives, direct current (DC) drives, and servo drives are the segments that comprise this market. The Andean region (Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia) is the focus of this study. The factors driving and restraining the marke...

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Showing 11-12 of 12