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27 Mar 2000  |  Asia Pacific

Pan Asia Call Center Hardware and Software Markets

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10 Jun 2004  |  Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific Operational CRM Markets

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01 Apr 2005  |  Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific Network Security Markets

Continuing growth of networks and increasing security threats are driving the growth in demand for comprehensive network security solutions in Asia Pacific. Emerging technologies such as SSL VPN and IDP/IPS are gaining firmer foothold in the region while security technologies continue converging to provide end users with integrated solutions that...

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01 May 2005  |  Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific Secure Content Management Markets

Spending by the enterprises had been focused on more immediate and basic security and infrastructure needs. Spam, spyware and other malicious contents in emails and websites are more often perceived as an inconvenience, henceforth undermining their actual capability in disrupting and damaging business processes. This study seeks to observe closel...

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The Asia Pacific region represents a set of developed, developing, and under-developed contact center markets. As the Asian markets develop, the demand for better customer service is expected to increase and drive the growth of contact centers in the region. The dynamics in the marketplace is also driven by the global phenomena of outsourcing and o...

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This research service covers the enterprise strategies of seven leading telecom service providers in Asia Pacific. They are: AT&T, BT, Equant, NTT Communications, PCCW, SingTel and Verizon Business. This research service specifically looks at the competitive landscape in the Asia Pacific enterprise service market, including their strategic resource...

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26 Jun 2006  |  Asia Pacific

SIM Market in Selected APAC Countries

The study provides an indepth analysis of the SIM smart card market in selected APAC countries. Countries included in this study are Malaysia, India, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea and Thailand. Views from mobile operators operating in these countries are also included.

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The Asia Pacific region is diverse.Each market has a unique trend that is driving the phenomena of outsourcing. The outsourcing industry in these markets are at different stages of its growth. The low labour cost, increasing competition, globalization, increased IP adoption and improved network infrastructure, cultural and language proximity to the...

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The study provides an indepth analysis of the Contactless smart card and Proximity market (both cards and readers) in Physical Access Control application in selected APAC countries. Countries included in this study are Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, In Philippines and Thailand. Views from key system integrators competing in this application in t...

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06 Nov 2006  |  Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific Hosted Contact Center Market CY2005

Hosted Contact Center is a network-based contact center service, where the service provider hosts the contact center infrastructure and leases out functionalities, applications, and features to end-users. This concept is relatively new in Asia Pacific and the market is in its infancy stage and is only beginning to see adoption of such services in s...

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