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The European Customer Desirability and Willingness to pay for Infotainment Features study analyses the end user perceptions and preferences for infotainment systems across the big five European countries. Also included are the preferred configurations and consumer perceived price for infotainment systems.

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The aim of the study is to analyse customer preferences and willingness to pay for active and passive safety systems and features in Passenger Cars: 1. Evaluate customer perception towards current active and passive safety systems and their benefits 2. Establish desirability and willingness to pay for customer/vehicle groups within regional m...

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This study provides information about customer research on European Transmission Technologies market. The technologies included are manual transmissions and automatic transmissions. This study also provides information on prices the customer is willing to pay for different transmission technologies.

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This study provides information on the customer willingness to pay for navigation systems and features. This study takes into account the big 5 European markets and also the different vehicle segment behaviour.

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This research service explores the key factors impacting the automotive manufacturing sector in western Europe and key trends towards relocation to central and eastern Europe in the short, medium and long term. Also included is an analysis of the relocation movements in the European automotive industry, a supplier clusters analysis and a SWOT analy...

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This research service provides information about consumer attitudes and perception towards engine / fuel types, powertrain characteristics,new technologies and importance of these factors when purchasing a new vehicle.This also establishes the desirability and willingness to pay by consumer research groups within Russian market. Driveline (4WD) use...

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This study provides a detailed analysis of customer attributes and perceptions towards driveability, chassis technologies and features in Europe. Countries include U.K., Italy, Spain, France and Germany. An analysis of customer attitudes and willingness to pay more for chassis technologies and features has been carried out in this study. This study...

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Consumer research study focussing on European consumer perceptions, attitudes and willingness to pay for health wellness and wellbeing in cars. Sample of 3,000 consumers across Europe

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