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04 Jan 2016  |  Europe

Open AI - An Analysis

For True Sharing of Gains, Open AI Needs to Freely Share Not only Software but, More Importantly, the Data Sets it Uses

Recently, Frost & Sullivan published an ICT Beats article titled The Only Thing That Matters in Machine Learning is Data. The core of this article posits that open-sourcing machine learning code has proved, beyond doubt, that the most important asset in machine learning is data.

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04 Jan 2016  |  Europe

Wearables Future Analysis - Revolutionizing Digital Payments

Wearable Payments Poised to Leapfrog NFC-enabled Smartphones to Emerge as Strong Alternative Payment Modality

In November 2015, MasterCard announced its partnership with several hardware vendors to enable payment functionality in Internet-connected everyday objects such as wearable bands, rings, key fobs, and clothing. Connected objects are transforming all aspects of everyday life.

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04 Jan 2016  |  Europe

Communications Protocols and the Internet of Things (IoT) - Future Outlook

Competing Protocols Muddling the Future, Technology Proponents to Emphasize Diversity of IoT Applications and Capabilities to Enrich Future


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04 Jan 2016  |  Europe

Data Leadership 2015 Conference – Insights and Impressions

Leveraging the Value of Big Data and Open Data Remains a Work-in-progress is Key Takeaway

On 26 November, the Data Leadership 2015 conference took place in London for a third consecutive year. The welcome words highlighted the popularity of the event, noting that this year was the first time that registration had complete filled 6 weeks prior to the event.

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04 Jan 2016  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Road Safety Needs in India, 2016

5th Largest Automotive Market in Sales but with Highest Road Traffic Deaths Globally, India Requires Urgent Multi-Pronged Approach to Enhance Road Safety

According to the World Health Organization’s Global Road Safety Report 2015, in 2014, an estimated 207,551 people died in road accidents in India. Half the fatalities involved motorcyclists, pedestrians, and cyclists. A traffic mix of high-speed vehicles sharing the road space with vulnerable road users, unsafe road infrastructure, and vehicles i...

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05 Jan 2016  |  Global

Global Smart Card Market, 2015

SIM Cards, Banking and Payment, Government and ID Application Segments to Spur Uptake

Increased efficiency and security offered by smart cards continues to drive adoption of smart cards globally. While SIM cards and banking and payment application constitute a major portion of smart card applications, increased demand for secure identification is driving the growth of smart cards for Government ID projects. In this report, Frost & S...

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05 Jan 2016  |  Global

Global Smart Gas Meters Market, Forecast to 2024

Expanded Roll-outs Propel Growth with Highest Potential in Japan, France, the Netherlands, and Italy

The global smart gas meter market research service provides forecasts on unit shipment and associated revenues for all the major regions. The study period is from 2014 to 2024, providing a comprehensive view about the timeline for crucial smart meter roll-outs. The study also includes market share analysis at the global and regional levels and asse...

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05 Jan 2016  |  Europe

Distributed Intelligence in Internet of Things (IoT)

ICT Industry is Embracing Co-development and Collaboration to Define the Intelligent Edge of IoT

As billions of connected devices join the Internet of Things (IoT) in the next few years, the network environment will transform into an astonishingly complex hybrid of distributed intelligence, virtualised functions, and multiplicity of access technologies.

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05 Jan 2016  |  Asia Pacific

Asia-Pacific Hosted Contact Center Services Market, Forecast to 2021

System Flexibility and Scalability Demands to Power Revenues, Adoption of Hosted and Cloud Contact Centre Solutions to Increase

This research service analyzes the hosted contact center services market in the Asia-Pacific region. Market sizing and forecasting are provided in terms of seats and revenue. The competitive landscape is examined at a vendor level as well as at a service provider level. Furthermore, key application vendors and hosted contact center service provider...

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05 Jan 2016  |  North America

Electric Vehicle Market in Latin America, Forecast to 2023

Brazil to Emerge Powerhouse Performer as Pilot Programs, B2B EV Fleets and B2C Vehicle Introductions Propel Regional Market Growth

The electric vehicle (EV) market in Latin America is set for growth toward 2023. Although a nascent market today, a number of activities around pilot programs, B2B EV fleets, and recent B2C vehicle introductions by OEMs are expected to propel the market toward the medium term. Regulations, discussions around incentives, and tax rebates are also lik...

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