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29 Mar 2016  |  Global

Wearable Technologies in Clinical and Consumer Health, Forecast to 2020

Potential for Effective Management of Chronic Diseases to Create $30 Billion Market Opportunity

This research service analyzes the global market for wearable technologies in clinical and consumer health. It discusses in detail how industry convergence and technological innovations are transitioning wearables from simple consumer devices to actionable healthcare applications—specifically in managing targeted chronic diseases such as diabetes...

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19 Apr 2016  |  Global

Lifestyle Diseases—Could Wearables Be the Solution?

Convergence of Wearables and Analytics Drives Health Outcomes and Unique User Experience

Increasingly, the connected nature of humans is driving the Internet of life (IoL). The IoL is driving wellness, integrate life and living (WILL). The key driver for the quantifiable self is wearables, which are poised to disrupt every facet of the healthcare system. However, tracking personal health data in real-time opens up privacy and security ...

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21 Apr 2016  |  Global

Global Laboratory Products Purchasing Trends, 2016

Shifting Demands from Key End-user Segments Unlocks New Growth Opportunities

Readers of the Lab Manager Magazine were invited to participate in an online survey in August 2015. To qualify, readers were required to play a role in their lab’s purchasing process, be familiar with their labs’ product budgets, and represent a lab that either uses or plans to use products in one or more of the 7 specified categories (instrume...

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22 Apr 2016  |  Global

Digital Innovations in Healthcare

Transformational Impact is Expected as Health Systems Become Hi-tech and Hi-touch

The challenges in the US healthcare industry continue to make health accessibility, affordability, and availability increasingly difficult. As the 7Ps of healthcare become disrupted digitally, the ecosystem is expected to collapse but transform business operations. Emerging benefits of adopting digital transformation include lower re-admissions, be...

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05 May 2016  |  Global

Future of Global Retail Healthcare Delivery Markets, Forecast to 2022

Escalating Demand for Low-cost Alternatives to Create Market Size of Nearly $4 Billion

Retail healthcare entails primary care services for minor illnesses provided through clinics located in retail environments, such as a pharmacies, grocery chains, supermarkets, or departmental stores. These retail care clinics, also called convenient care clinics, walk-in clinics, or in-store clinics, are often open beyond regular operating hours o...

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This Vital Signs issues trends in orphan drugs, genetic research apps, Thermo Fisher Scientific's acquisition of Affymetrix, and the Zika Virus.

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31 May 2016  |  Global

Care Delivery Innovation Tracker: Proactive & Preventive Support for the Homeless

Mitigating the Impact of Uncompensated Care

This research service is part of an on-going series of profiles from Frost & Sullivan’s Visionary Healthcare research practice that highlight innovative models for care delivery initiation across the globe. Case studies consider questions such as: What is the impetus for change? What impact could this have? What tools are required to execute? Wha...

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15 Jun 2016  |  Global

Transformations in Global Private Health Insurance Models

Innovations and Strategy Considerations

Healthcare as an industry is entering a phase of rapid transformation. Institutions across the stakeholder spectrum including health insurers, providers, and therapeutic developers face the proposition of adapt or collapse. The health insurance industry particularly is evaluating all aspects of its business models, policy holder engagement, and pla...

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21 Jun 2016  |  Global

Clinical mHealth Growth Opportunities


The mHealth enabled care market is growing at a rapid pace with over 0.15 million health apps in 2015 leading to an endless number of possibilities of smartphone usage for revolutionizing healthcare. From reading and analyzing a patient’s vital body data, medication adherence, and chronic disease management to early diagnosis of complex disorders...

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Medical devices plays a key role in the dynamic healthcare industry - either by improving patient outcomes or by supporting the diagnosis and treatment of various conditions. The increasing ageing population drives the need for more cost-effective medical devices that can improve patient/medication adherence. Patient safety is another important rea...

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