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30 Sep 2015  |  Europe

Profiling the Top Mergers and Acquisition Within Medical Devices Space

Changing Healthcare Dynamics Driving the M&A

The landscape of healthcare is rapidly changing worldwide as governments are reducing healthcare spending through means such as reimbursement cuts. The medical devices market bears the direct brunt of these measures. To overcome this, medical device companies are involved in active mergers and acquisitions (M&A). The study analyses the key factors ...

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29 Jan 2015  |  Europe

National Initiatives Impacting Healthcare Information Technology (HCIT) in the United Kingdom

eHealth Action Plan to Increase HCIT Market Maturity

UK Healthcare delivery is being restructured to improve cohesion between secondary and primary care segments and healthcare professionals and patients; HCIT solutions have a key role in this transition. Furthermore, failure of many large investment initiatives has paved way for the UK eHealth strategy and eHealth action plan 2011-2017. This study d...

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22 May 2015  |  Europe

Market Opportunity for RFID Smart Cabinet Systems in Healthcare

Internet of Things to Shape the Future

The research service provides an overview of the application of radio frequency identification (RFID) in the healthcare industry. It specifically focuses on RFID smart cabinet systems that track equipment and medical supplies in a healthcare environment. The study aims to analyse the technological advancements in RFID smart cabinet systems and incl...

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23 Apr 2015  |  Europe

Healthcare and Medical Device Connectivity and Interoperability

Overcoming Communication Barriers to Achieve a Connected Future

The scope of this research study revolves around the global standards for healthcare and medical device interoperability and connectivity. It aims to analyze the impact of standards on sharing of patient information between healthcare IT solutions and medical devices in today’s healthcare system that is increasingly getting connected and digitize...

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04 May 2016  |  Europe

European Autoimmune Diagnostics Market, Forecast to 2020

Ageing Population and High Disease Prevalence to Trigger Growth, Localised Disease Segment Offers Revenue Potential

The high prevalence of diseases in Europe is a market opportunities for the market participants, especially considering the ageing population in these regions. This leads to the need for better and early diagnosis. This market includes revenues from instruments and reagents. Market revenues and installed base (units) for the entire Western Europe, ...

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09 Dec 2015  |  Europe

Impact of Healthcare Regulatory Reforms on Medical Device Procurement in EU-5 Countries

Healthcare Reforms and the Impact on MedTech Companies

The objective of the research is to present a comprehensive landscape of healthcare structure of EU-5 countries of Europe with respect to their governing and regulatory healthcare bodies. The regional scope of analysis is focused primarily on the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. The study captures the latest healthcare reforms, ma...

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The Serbian surgical devices distribution market encompasses wound closure devices, such as sutures, staples, energy devices, and tissue sealants and haemostats. The data presented in this study is based on both primary (interviews with manufacturers, distributors, and surgeons) and secondary research. This study analyses key competitive landscape,...

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18 Apr 2016  |  Europe

Visible Light Imaging and Operating Room Informatics Market, Forecast to 2019

Growth Potential Expands as Innovative Medical Technologies Become a Must-Have Across Multiple Medical Procedures

This study covers the global market for visible light (VL) imaging informatics and operating room (OR) imaging informatics. The latter pertain to digital and integrated operating rooms having intra-operative imaging capabilities, which are driven by increasing adoption of image-guided surgery (IGS) and minimally invasive surgery (MIS) techniques. T...

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06 Jan 2016  |  Europe

Transitioning Healthcare Provision Across Western Europe—An Assessment of Selected Countries

Market Participants Seek to Stay Relevant by Striking Balance Between Fiscal Austerity and Changing Patient Demographics

Europe’s Big 5 health systems are in transition. Rapidly ageing populations and budget cuts have forced governments to place greater emphasis on the efficiency of care provision. As part of this efficiency drive, the landscape of care provision in these countries will continue to evolve to meet the dual challenges of limited budgets and changing ...

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27 Mar 2015  |  Europe

Western European Contrast Auto-injectors Market

Better Workflow Integration Provides Increasing Market Potential

The Western European contrast auto-injectors market is currently growing at steady rate of 4-5%. Although economic uncertainty and budgetary constraints have slowed the market in certain countries, the invasive technology of the auto-injector has overwhelmed the restraints due to its key role in contrast delivery management. This research service c...

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