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11 Jan 2013  |  Asia Pacific

Australian Market for Drilling Chemicals

Growing Investment in the Resources Sector Drives Demand

The Australian drilling chemicals market experienced a strong growth from 2010 to 2012 driven by the investment in metal and minerals explorations, coal seam gas drilling, and oil and gas drilling. The recent fall in prices of iron ore and other base metals indicates a temporary peaking of base metal exploration activities in 2012, which is likely ...

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29 Jan 2013  |  North America

Analysis of the Global Mouthwash Active Ingredients Market

Asia-Pacific is the Key Engine for Growth

This market insight introduces the oral care market. It discusses the global drivers, restraints, and opportunities for active mouthwash ingredients for oral care. Antiseptics, sweeteners, surfactants, anti-cavity and breath freshening ingredients are covered in this deliverable. Brief introductions for each active ingredient as well as revenue for...

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07 Feb 2013  |  Asia Pacific

Analysis of the Asia-Pacific Antimicrobial Coatings Market

Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand are the Emerging Top Countries for Investment

Antimicrobial coatings kill, prevent, or retard the growth of microorganisms, including bacteria, virus, parasites, and fungi. Emerging economies such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia are expected to play a major role in the antimicrobial coatings market, driven by the growth of end-user industries such as medical devices and the food ...

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13 Feb 2013  |  North America

Strategic Analysis of the Global Marine Composites Market

Smaller Marine Crafts Expected to Drive Composites Usage

This study covers the global marine composites market; composites are used to achieve weight reduction in recreational marine crafts amid fuel efficiency requirements and operating cost concerns. The research includes a market overview, manufacturing trends, and market drivers and restraints for growth. Moreover, it examines pricing, demand, and ap...

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21 Feb 2013  |  Africa

Regulations in the Chemicals Market in Sub-Sahara Africa

Overview of the Regulations for Importing and Exporting

This study provides a brief overview of the regulations impacting the chemicals and raw materials markets in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa. It provides information on import and export tariffs as well as trade agreements and documentation required for trading goods across borders. The study also provides an overview of the total chemicals...

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21 Feb 2013  |  Global

Impact of Globalisation in Transportation on Chemicals and Materials

On-going Globalisation of the Supply Chain will Create the Greatest Change for Chemical Companies

Transportation represents one of the most important end markets for chemicals; globalisation is one of four major Mega Trends driving change in the market. Globalisation encompasses many specific factors, including societal trends such as urbanisation, and automotive industry trends. This study assesses how each of these trends is affecting use of ...

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25 Feb 2013  |  Global

Strategic Analysis of the Global Intumescent Coatings Market

The Oil and Gas Sector Will Drive Growth

This study analyses and evaluates the global market for intumescent coatings between 2008 and 2018. It presents an overview of the passive fire protection market, focusing on the construction and oil and gas industries. Additionally, it discusses current trends and future expectations. The research study also analyses hydrocarbon and cellulosic int...

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26 Feb 2013  |  North America

Strategic Analysis of the U.S. Equine Nutraceuticals Market

Increasing Interest in Equestrian Sports and Horseracing Drive Demand

This research service discusses the nutraceutical market in United States. The study is segmented into: antioxidants; botanicals and herbs; ergogenic agents; joint supplements; omega-3 fatty acids; vitamins and minerals; and other ingredients. This service discusses the latest market trends and examines the markets potential. In addition, in-depth...

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28 Feb 2013  |  North America

Global Market for Emission Control Catalysts

National and Regional Regulations Drive the Global Market

This research service identifies the major industry challenges, drivers, restraints, regional trends, and application segment trends in the global emission control catalysts market. The research covers four regions: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of World. It provides revenue forecasts at the top level and percentage splits across end...

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04 Mar 2013  |  North America

Analysis of The Enhanced Oil Recovery Chemicals Market in The United States and Europe

 Increase in Oil Production Propels Innovative Developments

This research service analyses the United States and European enhanced oil recovery chemicals market, its current situation, trends and future opportunities. The market is primarily divided into the following six segments depending on the chemical type: polymers segment, surfactants segment, alkaline chemicals segment, surfactant-polymer formulatio...

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