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07 Jan 2013  |  Latin America

2012 Overview of Latin American Smartphone Market

Smartphone Use Is Increasing in Latin America

This research service provides an overview of the Latin American smartphone markets from the standpoint of IT and telecommunications providers. The countries discussed include Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela. Topics include market drivers and restraints and shipment forecasts to 2017. Moreover, this market insight highligh...

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09 Jan 2013  |  Latin America

Argentina Total Telecommunications Services Markets 2012

The Major Competitors Leading the Argentinean Market

This research service covers the Argentinean total telecommunications market and examines key drivers and restraints for growth, trends, and forecasts. The total market is composed by the segments fixed telephony services, mobile telephony services, fixed broadband services, pay TV services, and fixed VoIP services. In addition, revenue segmentatio...

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17 Jan 2013  |  Latin America

Analysis of the Bit Error Rate Tester Market in Emerging Regions

Expect Highest Growth in Emerging Regions for All Geographic Markets

This research service covers the state of the bit error rate test equipment (BERT) market in emerging regions, examining drivers and restraints for growth, market segmentation, end-user trends, application trends, and geographical trends. In addition, an in-depth analysis of the competitive landscape, including vendor market shares, is provided by ...

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18 Jan 2013  |  Latin America

Assessment of the Brazilian Distribution Energy Losses Management Power Meter Market

Smart Meters Pose a Great Opportunity

The Brazilian distribution energy losses management market is stable with a slow, but constant growth. As the smart grid trend strengthens in the country, new and innovative solutions are expected, enhancing market revenue. The market is characterized by two main products: power meters and energy management systems. This research service will focus...

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21 Jan 2013  |  Latin America

Latin American Satellite Services Markets 2012

Pay TV, VSATs, and Broadband Drive Demand for Increased Capacity

This research service offers insight into the dynamic Latin American satellite services market, which will go through significant changes in the forecast period (2012 to 2017). The main drivers for satellite capacity in the region are discussed, along with the areas that offer the best opportunities for fixed-satellite operators in this market. The...

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29 Jan 2013  |  Latin America

Analysis of the Colombian and Peruvian Contact Center Outsourcing Services Markets

The CRM development of Colombia and Peru

The Colombian and Peruvian contact center markets witnessed strong development in 2012. Despite growth slightly decelerating from 2011, positive investment atmosphere surrounding the Colombian and Peruvian market when looking to the future persists. The key driver for this increase is the expected organic growth of major companies within the in...

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30 Jan 2013  |  Latin America

Colombias Total Telecommunications Services Market

Market Consolidation into Major Groups Drives Nationwide Competition

This research service analyzes the Colombian total telecommunications services market. It examines market drivers and restraints for growth patterns, service plans, upcoming technology, relevant regulations, and future trends. Market segments include fixed telephony, mobile telephony, fixed broadband, data communications, and pay TV services. The s...

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04 Feb 2013  |  Latin America

Analysis of the Argentinean and Chilean Contact Center Outsourcing Services Market

Specialized Services Present Opportunities

The contact center outsourcing services market witnessed growth in revenue and workstations in Argentina and Chile during 2011 and 2012. The economic downturn in Europe and United States slowed demand from existing customers abroad, especially for companies with offshore campaigns and telemarketing operations to Spain. This research service examine...

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05 Feb 2013  |  Latin America

Customer Service Experience Benchmarks in Latin America

How Social Media Is Changing The Game and What Companies Can Do to be Prepared

The use of social media to improve customer service is growing in Latin America. Indeed, both international and Latin American companies are extending their social media strategies. Today, many Latin American companies are setting the bar in social media best practices, receiving international recognition and accolades. This Market Insight research...

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07 Feb 2013  |  Latin America

Brazilian IT Spending TrendsRetail

How Technology is Redesigning the Retail Industry

This study aims at providing an overview of the Brazilian retail market, focusing on IT providers standpoint. It outlines the main retail market drivers and restraints as well as provides an overview of the main technologies deployed in this industry. Moreover, this market insight analyzes IT vendor offerings for the retail market by providing key...

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