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10 Jan 2014  |  Global

What is Hot in the Aerospace and Defense Industry

Are Defense Budgets Cratering?

The aerospace and defense industry has been significantly affected by economic factors. The defense industry has traditionally been immune to economic downturns. However, the focus on reducing budgets due to economic conditions is now very directly impacting defense spending. This research looks at the opportunities for aerospace and defense contr...

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11 Feb 2014  |  Global

Global Border and Maritime Security Market Assessment

Human-Intensive Security on the Border and Maritime Domain Will Increase Demand for New Technology

The constantly rising cost of labor-intensive activities and the large border areas are influencing nations to consider other ways of securing their country's entry. In order to be on budget and improve the citizen's safety, nations will focus on investing in technologies. Inter-agency is clearly evident and will directly contribute to the types of...

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12 Feb 2014  |  Global

Global Port Security Market

Increasing Security Within an Optimised Commercial Operations Framework is the Key to Success

Ports are regarded as a significant vulnerability in the threat perception of domestic security agencies globally. There are competing forces between commercial and security imperatives that make open, fast, and efficient maritime trade a key security risk. The ability to increase security whilst simultaneously improving commercial operations is th...

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17 Feb 2014  |  North America

Global Cyber Security Market Assessment

National Strategies Drive the Adoption of Cyber Solutions

This research study covers the global cyber security market and discusses, in detail, the market trends, market drivers and restraints, impact of the drivers and restraints, and revenue projections. It also provides an overview of key market participants as well as market recommendations and conclusions. The major cyber security applications analys...

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24 Feb 2014  |  Global

Safe Cities: Technology and Market Trends

Data Analytics and 4G will deliver Operational Efficiencies, Improved Situational Awareness and Better Response

Five interconnected ideas of safe city need analysis and technology improvement trends has shaped the definition of a Safe City - first, to integrate more data and sensors into one control centre to provide a common operating picture; second, to share data and processes for improved multi-agency collaboration; third, to remove barriers to collabora...

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12 Mar 2014  |  North America

Global Airport Operational Databases (AODB)

Airport Management through Information Technology

This market insight reviews the information management aspect of airport operations that use database solutions to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction. It identifies the market participants that offer Airport Operational Database (AODB) solutions, in addition to offerings designed to complement AODB capability. Business participants within...

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19 Mar 2014  |  Global

Global Physical Security Information Management Market Assessment

Exponential Market Growth can Only be Achieved through Strong Partnerships

The physical security information management market is susceptible to many market issues and although this is the case, its advantages will ensure strong market adoption. Relationships with strong systems integrators can lead to customized solutions to accommodate company requirements, which can lead to acquisitions in the medium to long term. An ...

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25 Mar 2014  |  North America

Global UAS Production Capabilities and Flight Restrictions

A Regional Discussion of Manufacturing Capabilities and Regulatory Limitations

This market insight provides a regional assessment of which countries allow UAS operations for commercial, for profit applications. It also assesses which countries have established manufacturers/sellers, growing manufacturers/sellers, or a demonstrated capability to manufacture UASs for commercial or private use.

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This issue profiles improving aerospace data acquisition and display, increasing military satellite communication rates, and a warehouse tracking system based on wireless tagging and tracking military weapons.

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31 Mar 2014  |  Global

Top Technologies in Microelectronics (Technical Insights)

Advanced Electronic Technologies Enabling A Smarter Connected World

Key technological trends in the microelectronics cluster that are likely to have high impact in the near-term and medium-term are covered in this research service. The microelectronics industry is constantly driven by the need for high performance, low power, small footprint, and low cost devices. The major technological trends are evaluated based ...

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