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23 Apr 2014  |  

2014 Outlook of the Global Automotive Aftermarket

High Growth in Vehicle Population to Create New Opportunities for Parts and Service Suppliers

Global vehicles in operation will increase sharply over the 2013-2020 period, driving new opportunities for light vehicle parts and service providers. This research compiles findings from various deliverables published over the past two years. It covers growth prospects for the global automotive aftermarket in North America, Latin America, Europe, ...

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25 Apr 2014  |  Europe

Strategic Assessment of European Corporate Carsharing Market

Nearly 85,000 Vehicles in Corporate Carsharing Fleets by 2020

This research service defines and quantifies the market for the growing corporate preference towards corporate carsharing—placing a dedicated fleet of vehicles on company premises for shared use amongst the company’s employees. This allows remote booking, keyless access to vehicles, and increased usage for business and private trips, which are ...

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28 Apr 2014  |  Europe

Strategic Analysis of General Motors' (GM) Global Product Portfolio

The New GM Post-bankruptcy Targets to Become the Future Global Number One OEM

The aim of this research service is to provide a strategic overview of the General Motors Company that identifies and interprets factors contributing to the organizations success. The study covers GMs product portfolio and sales performance and analyzes its key operational strategies, focusing on its corporate structure and product strategies. Some...

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This issue profiles paths to enhanced fuel economy at Toyota in the US, use of advanced aerodynamics software to shape new cars, and nanotechnology paint for self-cleaning cars.

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16 May 2014  |  North America

2013 United States Consumers’ Attitudes and Perceptions toward Infotainment and Telematics

Desirability and Willingness to Pay for Infotainment and Telematics Features

The objectives of this research were to understand the importance of infotainment and telematics features in the overall decision to purchase a vehicle, better comprehend vehicle adoption patterns, identify driver segments and their adoption likelihood, and recognize the key opportunities for growth. It turns out that more vehicle owners currently ...

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20 May 2014  |  North America

New Revenue Opportunities for North American Heavy-duty Truck Dealerships

Oncoming Connectivity Technologies to Augment Parts & Servicing Revenue 5–10% by 2020

Changing market dynamics and social integration with technology have opened new growth opportunities to augment the revenue streams of the commercial vehicle class 8 dealership channel. Parts and servicing is expected to remain the backbone of dealership success, and dealerships must leverage the oncoming application of connectivity technologies to...

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22 May 2014  |  Global

Commercial Vehicles 2020 Vision

Green, Safe, and Connected Medium–heavy Trucks to Drive Future Freight Mobility

Some of the key trends for OEMs globally are powertrains gaining strength in customer retention strategies, and vehicle platforms becoming the accepted norm in shared engine designs and architecture modularity. Connected fleets on telematics and integrated safety systems, and prognostics are expected to be on the uptake from fleet owners. This rese...

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26 May 2014  |  Europe

2013 Europe Consumers’ Attitudes and Perceptions of Vehicle Safety

Desirability and Willingness to Pay for Safety Systems and ADAS Systems

Overall, safety is the second most influential general vehicle feature for next vehicle purchase, with reliability being the first. Majority of respondents have their families and themselves in mind when purchasing safety options. The French, however, are significantly more concerned with the safety of their children than their European counterpart...

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02 Jun 2014  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Strategic Assessment of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Market in India

Framework and Ecosystem Fostering EV and Hybrid Vehicle Market

The total electric and hybrid vehicle market is in a formative stage in India, except for the two-wheeler market, which is gradually creating opportunities for OEMs. Intermittent support from the government, without the kind that allows OEMs to grow consistently, curbed the market growth in the past. This research for the industry under study was b...

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09 Jun 2014  |  North America

Strategic Analysis of the Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCV) Market in North America and Europe

More than 9 of the Largest Automakers Expected to Launch FCVs by 2020

This research service provides an overview and strategic outlook of the FCV market in Europe and North America. The study analyzes the current status of the market and how it is expected to evolve. The market has been estimated by region and original equipment manufacturer (OEM), which provides a detailed view of the market. Further, the developmen...

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