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11 Sep 2014  |  Asia Pacific

The Russian Internet Landscape

In the Global Internet Landscape, Russia Remains a Different Land

This Frost & Sullivan research service provides an overview of the current state of and the key trends in the Russian Internet landscape (RuNet). It highlights Russia as one of the few countries in the world where Google does not dominate Internet searches and where Facebook does not dominate social networks, but where local participants, Yandex an...

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12 Mar 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Mobile Broadband in Russia

Mobile Broadband Race Sustains Pressures for Smart Pricing

Mobile broadband is a key revenue driver for mobile operators in Russia. Russian operators are embracing this setting through quasi-omnipresent tiered-pricing, alternative pricing and charging models, and by striving to increase the relatively low Russian smartphone penetration. Limited availability of devices, supporting Russian LTE frequencies, i...

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24 Sep 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Competitive Strategies Benchmarking in Data Center Physical Infrastructure Industry

Participants to Compete on the Basis of Creating Differentiation Across the Product Life Cycle

The global data center market is witnessing buoyant growth at a time of increased penetration of co-location and cloud computing businesses. An integrated, efficient, and scalable power infrastructure is paramount in order to sustain the demand arising out of the emerging data center trends, such as server virtualization, installation of blade serv...

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24 Jul 2014  |  Asia Pacific

ASEAN Critical Power Infrastructure Services Market

Increasing Trend in Scalability and Modularity in Critical IT Operations is Set to Drive the Market

Businesses are increasingly relying on digital media support through real-time communication with stakeholders to carry out their regular operations. This will prove to be the biggest driver for power infrastructure services. Enterprise-wide integration in communication and decision making is leading to a heavy reliance on data sharing and data sto...

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27 Mar 2014  |  Asia Pacific

2013 APAC Healthcare Outlook

Changing Dynamics to Disrupt and Transform Healthcare in Asia-Pacific by 2018

Healthcare expenditure in Asia-Pacific is expected to continue growing over the next 6 years, as rising demand for better healthcare for patients spurs reforms. This would also increase life expectancy, resulting in a large elderly population requiring long-term care. This study covers the hospital, life sciences, advanced medical technology, and c...

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31 Oct 2014  |  Asia Pacific

Executive Outlook of Developments in the Russian Automotive Industry

Consumers are Expected to Focus on Fuel Efficiency and Smaller Vehicles as They Continue Switching to Subcompacts

The objective of this research service is to understand the Russian automotive market and develop a market forecast. The study examines changing consumer preferences as the country navigates through political crises and an economic slowdown. A new government policy may help to ignite domestic vehicle sales. The Russian market is compared with those...

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6 Item(s)