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17 Jun 2015  |  North America

Analysis of the Global Whitening Ingredients Market

Opportunities for Plant Extracts in Skin Lightening Drive Demand

Most whitening personal care products available in the market are formulated with synthetic ingredients for irreversible skin lightening. Safer skin radiance can be facilitated by choosing plant extracts and other natural ingredients. In markets such as North America and Western Europe, consumers prefer premium products, and this preference acts as...

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25 Jun 2015  |  Africa

Analysis of the Offshore Oil & Gas Paints and Coatings Market in Nigeria and Angola

Market Growth to Follow Economic Growth Trends

This study provides an overview of the Nigerian and Angolan offshore oil and gas paints and coatings markets through 2019. More than 150 companies participate in the Nigerian market, of note Berger Paints, Portland Paints and Products, CAP PLC, DN Meyer PLC, and International Paints. In Angola 25 companies participate, led by Hempel, Azko Nobel, De...

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30 Jun 2015  |  Global

Beyond ITO - Materials for Next Generation Consumer Electronics (Technical Insights)

Materials that can Replace ITO in Consumer Electronics

The global consumer electronics industry is constantly evolving according to the user needs and trends. There is growing demand for next-generation devices that provide a combination of large-sized capacitive touch screens, with increased sensitivity to touch and high degree of flexibility to provide a better user experience. Although indium tin ox...

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02 Jul 2015  |  Africa

Future of the Chemicals Industry in Africa

Impact on Chemicals Companies

Africa is a rapidly growing market for products globally, and the chemicals industry is expected to significantly benefit from this growth, especially the construction chemical paints and coatings and industrial adhesives sectors. The spurt in growth is the result of rapid urbanisation, a growing middle class, and rising consumer spending. This stu...

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08 Jul 2015  |  Africa

Strategic Analysis of the Mining Chemicals and Explosives Markets in Sub-Saharan Africa

Central Africa Drives the Mining Chemicals Market

The African mining industry is experiencing enormous growth, especially in Central and East Africa. This has created rapidly-growing demand for explosives and specialty chemicals that are used in the minerals mining industry. This research service provides an overview of the mining explosives and specialty chemicals markets in Sub-Saharan Africa an...

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08 Jul 2015  |  Africa

Key Growth Opportunities in the South African Construction Chemicals Market

Government Expenditure and Technological Advancements are Expected to Drive Demand

The South African construction chemicals market can be described as mature and is expected to experience slow growth over the forecast period of the study. The market is highly competitive with a number of well-established local and international participants. The growth in the public sectors capital expenditure plan is likely to facilitate demand...

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25 Aug 2015  |  North America

360 Degree Analysis on the Silicones Market for the Global Construction Industry

Growing Adoption of Silicone Adhesives/Sealants and Coatings Drives Volumes

This research service identifies the major industry drivers, restraints, regulatory trends, and technology trends affecting the global market for silicones in the construction industry. The product segments covered are adhesives/sealants and coatings. Unit shipment and revenue forecasts are provided at a regional level for each segment from 2011 to...

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08 Sep 2015  |  Global

Low Temperature Coatings for Industrial Applications (Technical Insights)

Coatings that provide improved performance and flexibility at low temperatures

The urgent need of low temperature coatings across different application segments is increasing as trends towards reduction of process and curing temperatures grows.The sustenance of the coatings and their ability to meet the performance requirements at low temperatures for industrial applications is the key factor that will decide the wide scale a...

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14 Sep 2015  |  Global

Impact of Quantum Dots in Consumer Electronics (TechVision)

Towards Next-Generation Ultra-Vibrant Displays with QDs

Quantum dot (QD) is considered to be an emerging technology that is capable of changing the consumer electronics market. QDs are attributed to high quality, efficiency and lower power consumption features. Though QDs are explored for different applications, largely they are anticipated to have high impact on displays, lighting and solar markets in ...

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25 Sep 2015  |  North America

Analysis of the Global Automotive Elastomers Market

Emphasis on Lightweighting Materials to Drive Market Revenue

The research provides a detailed analysis of the global automotive elastomers market. The scope of the study covers the two major elastomers: synthetic and thermoplastic. The study provides detailed insight in terms of revenues and forecasts. The study also analyzes different product trends in each of these elastomers and the variation in applicati...

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