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12 Jan 2015  |  South Asia, Middle East & North Africa

Middle East Fire Safety Systems Market

Increasing Regulations and Emerging Opportunities Boost the Growth of the Fire & Safety Market

Increasing penetration of environment-friendly fire suppression agents and advanced fire detection technologies is playing a critical role in shaping market dynamics. Stricter enforcement of building and fire safety codes will improve not only the awareness but also the penetration of advanced fire safety equipment. This study discusses the market ...

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20 Jan 2015  |  Asia Pacific

Asia-Pacific Water Industry Outlook in 2015

Challenging Period for Water Business—Analysing Factors with Major Industry Impact

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) water industry witnessed significant business expansion and increase in public-private partnerships (PPP) in 2014. Competition became increasingly stiff with threats from start-ups and emerging water and non-water companies. While it is unlikely that water tariff in APAC will change drastically in 2015, the main focus will ...

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03 Feb 2015  |  Global

Service Business Models and Changing Competitive Landscape for Energy Management

Industry Convergence and New Technology Drive Business Model Innovation

The past 5 years have seen huge levels of technology innovation in the energy and environment industry, with smart technology re-defining the landscape. The next 5 years will be the era of service business models innovation, as suppliers compete to maximise the real benefits for customers through strategic partnerships and/or acquisitions. Performa...

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16 Feb 2015  |  Global

Analysis of the Global Fire and Safety Market

The Revival of the Construction Sector Accelerates Market Demand for Fire Systems

The global fire and safety market is mature. It comprises a number of large participants that manufacture fire and safety systems. The market is mainly driven by construction activities and the strict enforcement of fire codes. This research service discusses the influence of market dynamics related to distribution channels, vertical markets, and c...

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16 Feb 2015  |  Asia Pacific

Asia-Pacific Buildings Industry Outlook in 2015

Industry to Thrive on Carbon Footprint Reduction Goals with Minimum Impact from Plummeting Oil Price

In 2014, top headlines in the Asia-Pacific buildings industry were focused on several themes such as partnerships with governments, convergence with ICT, building materials innovation, businesses re-structuring, and improvement on building energy efficiency. In 2015, the development of new smart cities will drive the overall building construction m...

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17 Feb 2015  |  Global

Next Steps for Smart and Connected Homes

Cross-industrial Partnerships to Adopt Internet of Everything (IoE) for Value Creation

The smart and connected homes market is developing quickly and attracting a wide range of companies. Enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT), the journey towards smart and connected homes depends heavily on end user acceptance. This is a crucial factor for market participants to gain customer trust based on value propositions and suitable regional ...

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19 Feb 2015  |  North America

Is De-centralization the Future of Wastewater Treatment Systems?

An analysis of the private land development market in North America

The complexity of the wastewater treatment market and its need for cheaper options are urging industry participants to find new concepts. The private sector has key characteristics that can help growth of the residential wastewater treatment market and reduce dependence on a centralized facility. This is a brief insight on the private land developm...

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02 Mar 2015  |  Global

Global Emergency Lighting Market

Stringent Fire and Safety Legal Obligations and Advancements in Lighting Automation Technology Will Drive Global Demand

Key drivers such as stringent fire and safety regulations, progress in the construction sector, technological advancements in the lighting industry, multi-brand strategies from suppliers, and improved consumer awareness are expected to enhance the business opportunities for emergency lighting markets globally. The global emergency lighting market i...

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03 Mar 2015  |  North America

CEO 360 Degree Perspective on Global Water and Wastewater Networks

Rehabilitation, Expansion, and Optimization to Grow Global Network Infrastructure Market to $156 Billion by 2020

This research service provides a 360 Degree Perspective on the global water and wastewater network market which is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9.6% from 2014 to 2020. The study analyses various value chain segments, namely: pumps, pipes and allied technologies, meters, software, automation and ICT, pipe network services, an...

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12 Mar 2015  |  Global

Biotechnology Mega Trends in the Water and Wastewater Industry

Sustainability and Versatility of Modern Biotechnology Creates Minimal Waste and Emissions

Biotechnology has immense scope for application in the water and wastewater industry. This report analyses the role of efficiently employed white biotechnology in water and wastewater treatment (for potable, domestic, and discharge purposes) in municipalities, industries, and residential sectors. It also discusses possible biotechnological improvem...

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