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07 Jan 2021  |  Global

Global Smart City Scorecard, 2020

Top 15 Global Smart Cities Driving Resilience in a Post-COVID-19 World

This research service identifies smart cities that are built with definitive smart city goals and have a high level of maturity. The goal is to provide an analysis of the pursuits that cities are undertaking to ensure the sustainability, cohesiveness, and comprehensiveness of their smart city strategies. City governments and policy stakeholders w...

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08 Jan 2021  |  Global

Increased Investment by Cloud and Colocation Providers Drives the Global Data Center Market

5G, Edge Computing, and Expanding Connectivity Power Transformational Growth

The next decade will witness an explosion of data due to increased levels of technology deployment across the globe; this will drive the need for processing and storing data and require the construction of both large and small data centers. The advent of 4G and 5G networks and the deployment of Industry 4.0 technologies and Internet of Things (IoT)...

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The Microelectronics Technology Opportunity Engine for January 2021 covers innovations in AI chips, transistors, quantum dots, neural chipsets, micro-LED chips, and augmented reality glasses. The Microelectronics Technology Opportunity Engine captures global electronics-related innovations and developments on a weekly basis. Developments are cente...

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25 Jan 2021  |  Global

Future of User Interfaces Shaping New Consumer Experiences

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Biometrics Represent Key Growth Opportunities

User Interface technologies have moved beyond the concept of simply representing machines to their users to enabling sophisticated and personalized interaction. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated their use in healthcare, manufacturing, education, retail, and banking to simplify interactivity and improve engagement. This report aims to help compa...

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This edition of the Inside R&D Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) features novel innovations related to digital therapeutics, 3D printing for surgery and implantable device for treatment of chronic heart or liver failure. The TOE also features novel algae extract-based active ingredient for cosmetics. The TOE highlights recent innovations related ...

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02 Feb 2021  |  Global

Future of Connected Living

The Top 3 Connectivity Ecosystems that will Simplify Human Lives—Homes, Cities, and Workplaces

With more than 20 connected devices per human by 2030, we are rapidly moving to an environment that is permanently online and always connected. An increasingly digitalized and connected world will have a profound impact on a wide range of applications at home, at work, across cities, and several other use-cases (healthcare and automotive, for examp...

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The Advanced Manufacturing Technology Opportunity Engine for February 2021 covers innovations in robotic exoskeletons, laser scanning for optical weld seam tracking, scaffolding robots for construction logistics, a cloud platform suitable for entire manufacturing supply chain, 3D printing, edge computing, and IoT. The Advanced Manufacturing TOE co...

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The Microelectronics Technology Opportunity Engine for February 2021 covers innovations in microLED fabrication, holographic displays for automotive applications, system-on-chip for quantum computing, miniature optical fibers for photonics, wearables for ECG monitoring, AI chipsets, and VR Headsets for immersive environment. The Microelectronics T...

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The Microelectronics Technology Opportunity Engine for March 2021 covers innovations in data storage, optical communication, quantum computing, AR headsets, system-on chip, and OLED-based remote patient monitoring wearables. The Microelectronics Technology Opportunity Engine captures global electronics-related innovations and developments on a we...

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18 Mar 2021  |  Global

Digital Twins in the Power and Utilities Industry

Decentralization and Decarbonization Will Drive Adoption across Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, and Storage and Utilization Segments

Decentralization, digitization, and decarbonization are transforming the global power and utilities industry. Of these three trends, digitization is the core enabler for decarbonization and decentralization in the industry, disrupting how electricity is produced, stored, distributed, and consumed by end users. Digitization also opens numerous new g...

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